Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wild and Wacky Part 3

Jane is getting us closer to our destination for our Sewcation in Orlando!

Pensacola, FLA (7 hours to Orlando)

        The Blue Angels

Traveling to Orlando on Tuesday, the 16th of September? Once again, you probably won’t have time for a full visit due to traffic here, but the world-famous Blue Angels are based at NAS Pensacola, and have a practice day on the 16th…. Plan to be in the area between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm (CT)…pull over and watch the skies for a bit!  If you do take the time to go onto the base, admission to practice is free and open to the public. The pilots sign autographs afterwards.

       Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park Inc.
How bored are you being caged up in the vehicle?  A great place to get out and stretch your legs is Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park Inc. It is a local nonprofit rescue and sanctuary for exotic birds and one of the best kept secrets in PensacolaThe park has over 250 birds, mostly rescues, ranging from emus and pheasants to Amazon parrots and Macaws.  If you're not a bird lover, you will be by the time you leave! Admission is $5, which includes a cup of peanuts for the birds! (

·         Wall South - Replica Vietnam War Memorial
Veteran’s Park, Pensacola has an exact replica (smaller scale) of "The Wall" monument in Washington, DC. "Wall South is the only permanent Vietnam Veterans Memorial outside of the nation's capital to list the names of all 58,217 Americans killed or missing in Southeast Asia." (On Pensacola Bay, 200 South 10th Ave  just west of the Pensacola Bay Bridge.  )

   Giant Roller Skate

A giant roller skate sits outside Landmark Skate and Fun. It is a large home-built roller skate whose wheels roll, allowing it to participate in local parades. Its parking spot changes often outside its skating rink home.  Is it “the largest”?  You decide!? (1002 Navy Blvd.)

Gulf Breeze, FL (7 hours to Orlando)

        Shoreline Park - UFO Mecca

Do you believe in UFO’s?  Travelling at night?  Pack a lawn chair and sit with the locals looking at the skies!  There have been hundreds of UFO sightings here: portals, Tinkerbelle lights, an alien sighting in the woods nearby, “the man with no face”, and a red orb in the sky, named “Bubba” by the locals. (Highway 98 E from Pensacola, midway through Gulf Breeze, turn right, about one mile, past the library, on the left.)

     Futuro House
No time to sit and hope for a sighting? There’s a house that’s built exactly like a UFO...complete with a launching pad! (Gulf Breeze to Pensacola Beach towards Navarre.)

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