Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wild and Wacky Continues......

Today Jane takes us down Interstate 95 for a few Wild and Wacky adventures!

                        From North Carolina on I-95 S to Orlando
                                             NORTH CAROLINA
Rocky Mount, NC is the first large city on I 95 S in North Carolina. (9.75 hr. to Orlando)
The North Carolina I 95 highway from Virginia to South Carolina is 182 miles long and offers little to see or experience.  But i t is very important when you are in North Carolina that you are familiar with some of the wacky laws that are still on the legal books there…                                                                                                          
~ Elephants are not allowed to plow cotton fields.
~ Singing off key can get you arrested.
Smithfield, NC (9.25hrs. to Orlando)
Do you need a stop?  Do you have a designated driver or room in your trunk for some beverages? The Hinnant Family Vineyards is the only winery from Maine to Miami that has official sign posts along I 95.  It is the largest Muscadine vineyard in NC.  It is located five minutes from Smithfield in Pine Level, NC.   You can take a free tour of the vineyard. (919-965-3350 /
                                                                                       Internationally acclaimed wine
Travelling off of I 95
                There is more variety and things to do, see and discover off of I 95...if you decide to take the time…
·         Charlotte, NC (9.75hrs to Orlando)
o   If you do take a detour to Charlotte, once again it is necessary to know the local laws.  Charlotte has an ordinance that requires women to cover their bodies with at least 16 yards of cloth at all times.  Make sure you pack some of your stash…maybe this could be a compliance challenge contest In Orlando… how would you wear all of that cloth?
o   While there, try the chocolate afternoon tea at the Bar Cocoa inside the Ritz Carleton. Sounds yummy!
·         Asheville, NC  (9hrs to Orlando) This is a detour that will take you four hours to get there!  There is a giant flat iron that was originally designed by a local Asheville artist, Reed Todd. It directs visitors to the 1926 Flat Iron Building, an Asheville landmark with an unusual wedge shape that houses shops and businesses.  It would be a great photo shoot! Four hours there then another nine hours to Orlando?  You would REALLY want a picture!  Save it for another trip!
South Carolina has 207 miles of Interstate 95.   
Dillon, SC (7.25 hr to Orlando)
·         When you arrive in SOUTH CAROLINA, just over the border you finally arrive at South of the Border in Dillon, SC!  It can be seen from the highway.  Depending when you got on I-95, you could have seen 120 billboards in the past 200 miles.  So what is South of the Border?
In 1949, South of the Border started out as a beer stand to service people in the surrounding
counties that were dry.   The rest area contains restaurants, gas stations, and a motel, as well as a
small amusement park, shopping, and fireworks all with plentiful neon lights. Its mascot is Pedro, a
Mexican bandido.
Some of the billboards you may see advertising South of the Border are:

Have you ever seen or purchased a “sombrero needle”?   Maybe you will find one at SAGA Market……  
Don’t worry of you didn’t see all of the signs.  After you pass SOB, there will be more signs telling you to turn around cause you missed it!      
·          Are you saving money for market, you don’t want to spend any money, but you’re thirsty?  South of the Border too cheesy and expensive?  One option is to tour the Blenheim Ginger Ale Factory which is actually on the South of the Border property.  How do they make ginger ale? Stop and find out! It is a small bottling company that offers a free tour and sampling of all flavors.  An easy way to quench your thirst. (on the east side of Hwy 301, behind the South of the Border motel, next to the dirt bike track-advance reservations-843.774.0322)

·         Dillon Fence

Across from the high school is a fence that is decorated artistically with debris from an adjacent
junkyard.  It was actually a man's yard and he hung baby dolls from all the trees.  It has become
overgrown, but still a conversation piece.
The band, Dillon Fence, was supposedly named after it.  They were popular in the area during the mid 80’s to 1995.
Interstate 95 bridge over Lake Marion, Santee, SC; the old bridge (on the left) is now a fishing pier (6 hrs to Orlando)



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