Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A common thread.....

After interviewing many of the ladies who teach us at SAGA events I find they have more and more in common with most of us-they were taught to sew by a close female family member (mother and or grandmother or aunt); lack of time to stitch; they take classes; they have lots of UnFinished Objects (UFO's); they sometimes hit a slump in their creativity.

Here, Phyllis Brown tells us a little about her stitching life.

Who taught you needlework skills and when did you first start learning?
My mother and grandmother are responsible for my ever growing habit.   Both women are/were very accomplished seamstresses and their joy for needlework was lovingly shared with me when I was a very small girl.  Both women nurtured my inquisitiveness until I was able to venture into projects on my own.
As early as 10 years old I remember sitting at my mom’s sewing machine and constructing my very first garment – an A-line skirt.  I fondly remember playing with needle and thread long before that! 

Phyllis doing a machine demonstration in a class
Do you attend classes and workshops as well as teach at them?
I do attend as many workshops as I can manage.  I must confess, there are a lot of unfinished projects stashed away in my workroom!

Where is your favourite place to stitch?
I like to stitch in my favorite chair in my family room.  I have good light and a comfortable place to lay out all my necessities.  Stitching in the family room helps me feel like I am part of the family instead of hiding in my workroom where you will find me the rest of my free time.  It also dictates that I pick up after myself at the end of each day!

What do you do to recharge your creative spark?
When I feel a need to recharge, I gather together my “stitching” friends or another embroidery teacher and share an afternoon of friendship and creativity.  I find great pleasure in their company; that allows us to sneak in a few stitches on some long neglected projects!

Phyllis (right) attending the SAGA Convention Banquet with Kathy Dykstra

Phyllis Brown will be teaching at the SAGA National Convention in Hampton, Virginia (20-25 September 2016). Have you registered to attend? Visit the SAGA website ( to learn more about the event.