Friday, September 19, 2014

Unsheduled Smocking Classes at Sewcation!

Wanda De Witt, Wee Care chair took time out of her day at SAGA Sewcation yesterday to teach smocking in Hospitality!

Her first pupil was Mel, from the Bernina Sewing Centre, Lake Mary, Florida (who was there as they are the business renting the machines for use this week). Mel did so well, that she completed a Wee Care gown and is now planning on starting a SAGA chapter at her store!

Wanda's second pupil was Liesl Gibson (Oliver & S Patterns) who is here to teach and lecture this weekend.

Both pupils did well and well done Wanda for teaching!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another sunny day in Florida

The weather is warm, sunny and very humid here in Orlando, but inside the SAGA Section hotel it is cool. Everyone is into day two of the classes and events. Today was the Annual Meeting followed by a wonderful talk and slide show on the history of smocking presented by Barbara Meger.

Great lunch with wonderful table favors and then there were door prizes too.
At luncheon, Wee Care chair, Wanda DeWitt presented token Wee Care gowns the representatives from the two local hospitals that will receive the gowns donated at convention.

                    Wanda's counter has risen today. The total can be seen in the photo below.

Tonight will be Show & Share and the Teacher Showcase.
The raffle basket count is over 60 -so many cute baskets!
More fun tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wish You Were Here!

SAGA Sewcation has officially begun!

Kenneth King taught a class yesterday and then was the guest speaker at the evening welcome reception.

Wee Care chair Wanda DeWitt is counting gowns donated and displaying them for all who visit Hospitality. The total before lunch today can be seen in the following photo.

The raffle baskets are taking over the tables and there are more to come!
Everyone is in classes and really working hard.
Certainly no time to lounge about at hotel pool, but certainly having lots of fun!

Places SAGA Members Actually Sew

Some of the photos shared by SAGA members of their sewing rooms have been used to make limited edition notecards, but what of the other photos we received? Well, in today’s blog I thought I would share a couple of sewing rooms with you.

The next few photos are where Anonymous Stitcher Number 1 creates her heirloom garments.  This set up is obviously handy if you have to wash your fabric before you use it or just have a lot of laundry to do as you can pass the time at the  sewing machine while the load washes and dries!

But it works, as Anonymous S titcher Number 1 makes beautiful items, as can been seen in the photo below.


Anonymous Stitcher Number 2 shows the complete opposite of the spectrum-an empty sewing room! But what a room! It is approximately 19' X 35". It has a half bath and washer/dryer in it also. Do I see a theme here with the washing machines? This newly completed sewing room seems to have some wonderful views and lots of natural light, as well as lots and lots of built in storage.  I am sure that the owner will soon fill it! Sorry no photos of her latest sewing project-I guess she has been too busy planning this room!

I will share some more sewing room photos soon!

Monday, September 15, 2014

SAGA Brochures

SAGA has printed new, updated tri-fold brochures. They will be available from your Region Representative or any board member for use by members and chapters.

There is space on the back for chapters to put their information. Maybe print some labels and stick them in the space-saves all that writing!

The brochures will be available at convention. If a member of your chapter is attending convention, ask her to pick some up.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

SAGANews Volume 35 Issue 3 -have you got yours yet?

SAGANews Volume 35 Issue 3 is in the mail and at the mercy of the US postal system! I have yet to receive my copy, but I know it is being delivered to the membership because……

1.        I have already received one request for a new copy as the Post Office destroyed most of one they delivered.

2.       The Wee Care™ chair has been busy and made two Angel Sleeved Wee Care™ gowns using the pattern in this issue.

3.       I found this photo in a SAGA chapter newsletter I received. Seems even cats like to curl up with a hard copy of a magazine!


Hope your copy arrives in one piece and you make something Wee Care™ using one of the featured patterns and that you get to curl up and enjoy reading it!

PS The cat is called Cali and belongs to SAGA member Irene Thomas in California.

Friday, September 12, 2014

SAGA Special Project

So, what was the Special Project that photos of members sewing rooms were requested for? Well I can now reveal at least one of the projects that some of the photos have been used for!

Six of the photos were used to make notecards that will be on sale at the SAGA convention.

The notecards will be sold in sets of 6 for $10, and the number of sets is limited.

Once they are gone, they are gone!

I wish to thank all of the ladies who submitted photos of their sewing rooms. It was fun to see where our members actually create their wonderful heirloom garments. If your photo isn’t on one of the notecards, don’t think it isn’t going to be used- there are a couple of other projects in the works, so visit the blog often as you may be surprised at what you see!

If the sale of these notecards is successful, we hope to have another exclusive set ready for sale at the first retreat in Las Vegas!