Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SAGA Give Away

Visit the SAGA Facebook page for a chance to win a book by Kenneth King- 'Cool Couture'!


Join us at the SAGA Sewcation in Florida to take a class with Kenneth. Visit the SAGA website for details: http://smocking.org/

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Smocked Outfit

This time little Prince George is in Australia and arrived in style in this lovely romper smocked with sailboats. Just got to love those chubby legs!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Look who is wearing smocking!

A baby prince!

Prince George wears a picture smocked romper for his playdate while on tour of New Zealand with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Smocking is cool and modern!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

California for lunch, anyone?

A couple of weekends ago I left lots of this

                   for this

                         to visit this

          and meet these ladies

Oh! and I also got to have lunch in Berkeley also!

Thanks to Jules and the staff at Lacis; Mimi Ahern, Sarah Douglas and Nellie Durand; Catherine Ljungquist, Margaret Church-Ish and the Cable Car Cablers and everyone who made and donated items for the wonderful smocking display and events being held at Lacis in Berkley, California.

If you are in the area please go and visit.

More about my day at Lacis in future issues of SAGANews.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Latest Issue in the Mail

Here is a photo of what is on the cover of the latest issue of SAGANews.

Copies are now in the hands of the United States Postal service. I hope you receive yours soon! It contains a lot of wonderful smocking designs, chapter news and information about the 2014 Convention.

This is the 35th anniversary year for SAGA. Are you one of the members from 1979/80? Do you have any special memories of the first years of the organization you'd like to share? Then please contact me at saganews@smocking.org as I want to feature them in upcoming issues of SAGANews.

Monday, September 30, 2013

SAGA is now everywhere!

So have you found out that SAGA is everywhere these days? By everywhere I mean everywhere you can get Internet access.

SAGA is on Pinterest -www.pinterest.com/smockingarts

SAGA is on Twitter- @smockingarts

SAGA is on Facebook- SAGA-Smocking Arts Guild of America.

You can find out what's going on and what will be happening. Connect with SAGA today and see what's new!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Year Gone by Already?

Okay, so I see I have been a bad blogger as it has been a year and I have not blogged-sorry but time flies when you are busy!

So another SAGA Convention is around the corner-this year in Frisco, Texas- October 23-27. Are you coming? Hope so as it will be fun. There are the usual great classes, events and of course, catching up with friends and making new ones.

I am arriving ahead of Convention as I have been asked to visit a friend I made through another organization for a few days. She and her husband are going to show me Dallas so I will be fully immersed in the culture by the time I arrive a the Embassy Suites Hotel on the Monday!

So how about we cover the Convention Essentials again? (I am doing this as a friend emailed me asking about basic sewing supplies as she is coming to the Convention for the first time in many years. We have lots to catch up on as she was a founding member of my chapter and moved back to Virginia several years ago. We still miss her, but then that's the great thing about Convention-we get to see friends again). Oh! back to the important stuff.

1. Recycle your name tag or make one (see SAGA website for a pattern).

2. Bring a large tote bag -this has many uses, especially on Market Day!

3. Wheels if you are moving a sewing machine around. Don't forget all the things for the machine-power cord & foot; machine presser feet; needles; basic thread;manual.

4. Magnification-we are all getting older and those stitches are getting smaller!

5. Light source-to see those tiny stitches better.

6. Extension cords-the power is never that close at hand when you want it to be.

7. Basic Sewing Supplies-needles; paper scissors; embroidery scissors; cutting shears; glass head pins; pin cushion- I am sure you get the picture.

8. Camera- always good for photos of what the finished class project should look like when you finally get around to completing it. Also good for photos of your friends and teachers.

9. Mini address labels-do you really wan to hand write on all those raffle tickets? ( I will have some spare ones with my name on in case you forget...).

10. Artisan Card(s)- you can use the tempory ones, but it is easier to bring the one you are using.

11. Kit Fees- teachers will take checks, but it is good to have them ready.

12. Wee Care donations- let's make this a bumper donation year!

13. Wee Care Bonnet kits-if you promised to make some, please bring them!

14. Chapter Raffle Basket- we all want to see lots of these so we all get a chance to win one!

15. Show & Share items- we all want to see what beautiful things you have made.

16. Design Show Entry(s)-Can't wait to see what inspirational things we will see this year!

17. Note Pad & Pen- taking class notes is essential and also somewhere to note that new friends email address!

18. Money, money, money- there will be market; SAGA items and who knows what else to spend it on!

So, now you just have to decide what clothes to pack, need I say jeans, cowboy boots and a stetson of course!

I will see you there-can't wait!