Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another issue is in the mail!

Yes, the next issue of SAGANews (Volume 31 #3) is leaving the printers for a mailbox near you. Now when exactly it will reach that mailbox I can't predict as it is now in the hands of the US Postal Service. You can get a preview of the issue in the Members Only area of the SAGA web site ( Give it time to upload as it is a big file.

This issue contains the call to the Annual General Meeting at National Convention in Norfolk, VA and also a Proxy form. If you are unable to attend National Convention, please copy the form and mail it to the SAGA Texas address before September 7. Why not make copies and have chapter members complete the form and return them in one envelope? If you have a chapter member attending National Convention, she may carry your proxies to the meeting and give them to a board member. The forms are only completed by members not attending Convention. Please note that you must check only one name (or add the name of someone who is attending) and sign the form for it to be valid. This form will be used if a vote is required on an item at the meeting. The proxy form insures we have a quorum. (The form is not your vote for the new board-that you received earlier this year by a separate mailing and it should have been returned already).

Also it's not too late to register for Convention-come and join the fun!