Friday, June 11, 2010

Going early to SAGA National Convention 2010?

So last year I began the SAGANews Blog to give some hints and help to those attending SAGA National Convention for the first time and to keep those not at Convention in the loop, as well as give up dates on the publication of SAGANews. The tips and reminders were useful to ALL attendees- we all need reminders and some of us more than others, so why not read through the Blogs from last year and begin a list of things you need for Convention other than your supplies for all those classes you are taking?

Talking of classes you are taking, I know that several of the classes offered are full, but we do still have spaces in many classes so if you are still procrastinating about coming-DON'T-sign up now, you know you will have a great time. Things start with a trip to Williamsburg on Monday before Convention begins (call Terry Campbell to see if there are still spaces available) and then the Pre-Day Classes will be on Tuesday.

This year we have teacher Nancy Bednar who will be teaching a class on making an adult jacket and some of the fabrics that will be used come from vintage kimonos. To learn more about Nancy visit her web site . You can also read all about Nancy in the current issue of SAGANews which should be in your mail box very soon.

Another great pre-day class this year is the chance to brush up on your smocking skills. Our very own Maggie Bunch (Design Show/Show and Share Chair) is teaching a class that takes you through the basics of smocking and as well as learning the stitches, Maggie will also unravel the mysteries of reading a smocking plate/graph. Even if you know how to smock, taking this class you will be sure to pick up some tips and tricks to improve your skills. You will also end up with a completed smocked panel that can be made into a Christmas ornament or even used as an insert in a square yoke dress.

Judith Adams has come all the way from Australia again this year and is teaching some pleater skills for a pre-day class. Judith will make the pleater your friend as I know sometimes it doesn't seem that it could be when it breaks a needle or won't pleat that special fabric you want to use. Judith will even take her pleater apart to show that it can and does go back together again. Judith will also be teaching a beginner smocking class using the Judith's Bishop kit available from SAGA Sales. In this class she will also help with the construction aspects of the bishop. This kit makes a great first smocking project as well as a project for anyone needing a baby gift as the kit contains everything needed to complete the bishop and is pre-pleated.

And then after the pre-day classes the Convention begins in earnest and there is a whole array of classes to pick from. Even if you think you have taken every class there is to take, sometimes taking it again you will learn something you didn't remember or a new trick the teacher has added. So don't think there isn't something for you to gain by attending Convention as believe me there is always something you can learn and besides, it isn't just about learning, it's being with friends who also love to sew and understand the same sewing language. It's time to recharge your creative juices when you see all the great projects, Design Show entries, Show and Share items. It's time to do something for you.

So I will see you in Norfolk, Virginia in September!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sneak Preview

If you want to see the latest issue of SAGANews which will soon be in your mail box (I hope!) then visit the SAGA web site ( and sign in to the 'Members Only' area to see the PDF of SAGANews Volume 31 Issue 2.

You can also read the Candidates Statements on the web site so you can cast an informed vote on the ballot that you should have received in the mail recently. Please complete the ballot and make sure that you SIGN it as unsigned ballots are not counted, then return it so it can be counted.

Have you signed up for Convention? I know that some classes are full, so you may have to have a second choice ready if you have not yet registered. If you register on line you will know instantly that a class is full and if your second choice is available. Don't forget to make your hotel reservations too.

On the subject of Convention are you entering the Design Show? If so please get the Design Show entry form mailed in before August 1. You don't have to have completed the item(s) you are entering by that date, just get them registered for the show. You do have to have them completed before you hand them in at 8 AM on Wednesday September 22 though! (Entry form is in SAGANews Volume 31 #1 and you may copy the form if you do not want to destroy you copy of the magazine).

Don't forget about this year's contest to make something using the Moda Fabrics Bar Harbour range of fabrics. The item must contain at least one of the following: smocking, embroidery and/or heirloom sewing techniques. The categories are: Children's Apparel; Adult Apparel and Non-wearable, but no quilts are allowed. You can enter up to three times and designs do not have to be original, but you must give credit for patterns and other design elements used if not your own.

The great thing about Design Show and the competition is that you do not have to be at Convention to enter. You can mail your entries in. Details are in the Convention Brochure.

So, look out for the latest issue of SAGANews and don't forget to mail in your completed and signed ballot and your Design Show entry form!