Monday, June 7, 2010

Sneak Preview

If you want to see the latest issue of SAGANews which will soon be in your mail box (I hope!) then visit the SAGA web site ( and sign in to the 'Members Only' area to see the PDF of SAGANews Volume 31 Issue 2.

You can also read the Candidates Statements on the web site so you can cast an informed vote on the ballot that you should have received in the mail recently. Please complete the ballot and make sure that you SIGN it as unsigned ballots are not counted, then return it so it can be counted.

Have you signed up for Convention? I know that some classes are full, so you may have to have a second choice ready if you have not yet registered. If you register on line you will know instantly that a class is full and if your second choice is available. Don't forget to make your hotel reservations too.

On the subject of Convention are you entering the Design Show? If so please get the Design Show entry form mailed in before August 1. You don't have to have completed the item(s) you are entering by that date, just get them registered for the show. You do have to have them completed before you hand them in at 8 AM on Wednesday September 22 though! (Entry form is in SAGANews Volume 31 #1 and you may copy the form if you do not want to destroy you copy of the magazine).

Don't forget about this year's contest to make something using the Moda Fabrics Bar Harbour range of fabrics. The item must contain at least one of the following: smocking, embroidery and/or heirloom sewing techniques. The categories are: Children's Apparel; Adult Apparel and Non-wearable, but no quilts are allowed. You can enter up to three times and designs do not have to be original, but you must give credit for patterns and other design elements used if not your own.

The great thing about Design Show and the competition is that you do not have to be at Convention to enter. You can mail your entries in. Details are in the Convention Brochure.

So, look out for the latest issue of SAGANews and don't forget to mail in your completed and signed ballot and your Design Show entry form!

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