Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Appearing in a mailbox near you soon

Yes, the next issue of SAGANews will soon be in your mailbox. It would have been there a little sooner but for a glitch at the Post Office. Someone decided to check the mail permit address with the address on file and wouldn't you know it, they didn't match. Well after a chat with the nice man at the office in St. Louis all is resolved and so SAGANews is in the mail. Now how long it will take to reach your mail box is another matter…..

This issue is full of Convention roundups, winners and reports. It also features a great winter smocking plate with lots of smocking to keep anyone busy in the colder winter months.

I am all ready working on the next issue which will contain the brochure for next years Convention in Anaheim, California. Convention will be a little later in 2011, mid-October, but still packed with fun things to do, see and great classes to take. If you live on the west coast, this is a great opportunity for you to attend and enjoy a week with SAGA friends.

Don't forget that if you have a project or article to share let me know. Now back to that next issue…….

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How Many Days?!

So, only a week before the SAGA National Convention pre-day classes begin! Are you anywhere near ready?

Yes, I know you have tons more things to get done before you even start to think about packing but I hope you have checked your class supplies, completed your Design Show and contest entries (only joking-you can work on those a few hours more) and are actually aware that it is only a week away?

Okay, so you are planning the family's meals for the week you are gone and doing the laundry and everything else you have to do to make sure that your husband and children survive without you, but believe me, they will survive. Maybe they will appreciate you a little more when you return (well for the first few days at least).

Whether you are a First Time attendee or have been many times to Convention you will have a great time. You will meet and make new friends and renew old friendships. You will be tired and mind numb after several days of classes and events. You may even wonder if you will ever finish the class project, but hopefully you will enjoy yourself enough to want to attend another Convention-they can be addictive!

Just to help you when you are putting your Convention items together, remember:

  1. Basic sewing supplies
  2. Special class supplies
  3. Wee Care items
  4. Name labels for the raffle tickets
  5. Something to write with and on
  6. Your kit fees
  7. Money for market
  8. Design Show and/ or Contest entries
  9. Show and Share entries
  10. Your chapter basket
  11. Camera
  12. A few changes of clothes
  13. Maybe some underwear
  14. Maybe some makeup
  15. Definitely yourself!

So see you in Norfolk in seven (7) days time!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another issue is in the mail!

Yes, the next issue of SAGANews (Volume 31 #3) is leaving the printers for a mailbox near you. Now when exactly it will reach that mailbox I can't predict as it is now in the hands of the US Postal Service. You can get a preview of the issue in the Members Only area of the SAGA web site (www.smocking.org). Give it time to upload as it is a big file.

This issue contains the call to the Annual General Meeting at National Convention in Norfolk, VA and also a Proxy form. If you are unable to attend National Convention, please copy the form and mail it to the SAGA Texas address before September 7. Why not make copies and have chapter members complete the form and return them in one envelope? If you have a chapter member attending National Convention, she may carry your proxies to the meeting and give them to a board member. The forms are only completed by members not attending Convention. Please note that you must check only one name (or add the name of someone who is attending) and sign the form for it to be valid. This form will be used if a vote is required on an item at the meeting. The proxy form insures we have a quorum. (The form is not your vote for the new board-that you received earlier this year by a separate mailing and it should have been returned already).

Also it's not too late to register for Convention-come and join the fun!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How long before Convention?!

How long before SAGA National Convention 2010 in Norfolk, Virginia? Let me tell you-eight weeks-yes 8 weeks and are you ready?

  • Registered for classes?
  • Hotel room booked?
  • Travel arrangements finalized?
  • Class requirements located?
  • Lists for things you need to take made?
  • Lists for those staying home made?
  • Design Show entry form submitted?
  • Sewing machine rental reserved?
  • Raffle basket donation finalized?
  • Getting excited?

Okay, so you have eight weeks, but what with getting the children ready to go back to school and the young adults to get back to college and all the other things that life throws your way, that eight weeks will soon be up. So perhaps it is a good thing I blogged this timely reminder? Maybe you can start to get things in order and be ready for the start of another SAGA Convention.

So, if you are entering Design Show, your entry form must be postmarked no later than August 1 and sent to the SAGA P.O. Box (address on website and in SAGANews).

If you want to rent a sewing machine, please call Nancy's Calico Patch in Newport News, Virginia (767-596-7397) before September 10.

Reserve your hotel room at the Marriott Norfolk Waterside before August 18 to receive the guaranteed SAGA room rate (800-874-0264).

You will find the requirements for your classes listed in the Convention brochure and don't forget the all important basic sewing supplies.

If you are sending a raffle basket, please use UPS or FedEx only and send it to Sharon Whitfield (address in Convention brochure and on page 3 of SAGANews) before September 10.

As I said before are you getting excited? I hope so and I look forward to seeing you soon (well in eight weeks)!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Going early to SAGA National Convention 2010?

So last year I began the SAGANews Blog to give some hints and help to those attending SAGA National Convention for the first time and to keep those not at Convention in the loop, as well as give up dates on the publication of SAGANews. The tips and reminders were useful to ALL attendees- we all need reminders and some of us more than others, so why not read through the Blogs from last year and begin a list of things you need for Convention other than your supplies for all those classes you are taking?

Talking of classes you are taking, I know that several of the classes offered are full, but we do still have spaces in many classes so if you are still procrastinating about coming-DON'T-sign up now, you know you will have a great time. Things start with a trip to Williamsburg on Monday before Convention begins (call Terry Campbell to see if there are still spaces available) and then the Pre-Day Classes will be on Tuesday.

This year we have teacher Nancy Bednar who will be teaching a class on making an adult jacket and some of the fabrics that will be used come from vintage kimonos. To learn more about Nancy visit her web site www.nancybednar.com . You can also read all about Nancy in the current issue of SAGANews which should be in your mail box very soon.

Another great pre-day class this year is the chance to brush up on your smocking skills. Our very own Maggie Bunch (Design Show/Show and Share Chair) is teaching a class that takes you through the basics of smocking and as well as learning the stitches, Maggie will also unravel the mysteries of reading a smocking plate/graph. Even if you know how to smock, taking this class you will be sure to pick up some tips and tricks to improve your skills. You will also end up with a completed smocked panel that can be made into a Christmas ornament or even used as an insert in a square yoke dress.

Judith Adams has come all the way from Australia again this year and is teaching some pleater skills for a pre-day class. Judith will make the pleater your friend as I know sometimes it doesn't seem that it could be when it breaks a needle or won't pleat that special fabric you want to use. Judith will even take her pleater apart to show that it can and does go back together again. Judith will also be teaching a beginner smocking class using the Judith's Bishop kit available from SAGA Sales. In this class she will also help with the construction aspects of the bishop. This kit makes a great first smocking project as well as a project for anyone needing a baby gift as the kit contains everything needed to complete the bishop and is pre-pleated.

And then after the pre-day classes the Convention begins in earnest and there is a whole array of classes to pick from. Even if you think you have taken every class there is to take, sometimes taking it again you will learn something you didn't remember or a new trick the teacher has added. So don't think there isn't something for you to gain by attending Convention as believe me there is always something you can learn and besides, it isn't just about learning, it's being with friends who also love to sew and understand the same sewing language. It's time to recharge your creative juices when you see all the great projects, Design Show entries, Show and Share items. It's time to do something for you.

So I will see you in Norfolk, Virginia in September!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sneak Preview

If you want to see the latest issue of SAGANews which will soon be in your mail box (I hope!) then visit the SAGA web site (www.smocking.org) and sign in to the 'Members Only' area to see the PDF of SAGANews Volume 31 Issue 2.

You can also read the Candidates Statements on the web site so you can cast an informed vote on the ballot that you should have received in the mail recently. Please complete the ballot and make sure that you SIGN it as unsigned ballots are not counted, then return it so it can be counted.

Have you signed up for Convention? I know that some classes are full, so you may have to have a second choice ready if you have not yet registered. If you register on line you will know instantly that a class is full and if your second choice is available. Don't forget to make your hotel reservations too.

On the subject of Convention are you entering the Design Show? If so please get the Design Show entry form mailed in before August 1. You don't have to have completed the item(s) you are entering by that date, just get them registered for the show. You do have to have them completed before you hand them in at 8 AM on Wednesday September 22 though! (Entry form is in SAGANews Volume 31 #1 and you may copy the form if you do not want to destroy you copy of the magazine).

Don't forget about this year's contest to make something using the Moda Fabrics Bar Harbour range of fabrics. The item must contain at least one of the following: smocking, embroidery and/or heirloom sewing techniques. The categories are: Children's Apparel; Adult Apparel and Non-wearable, but no quilts are allowed. You can enter up to three times and designs do not have to be original, but you must give credit for patterns and other design elements used if not your own.

The great thing about Design Show and the competition is that you do not have to be at Convention to enter. You can mail your entries in. Details are in the Convention Brochure.

So, look out for the latest issue of SAGANews and don't forget to mail in your completed and signed ballot and your Design Show entry form!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another SAGANews is in the works.

I have been a bit remiss and not updated the Blog for a while. Life gets hectic and things happen, however that has not stopped the next issue of SAGANews (Volume 31 #2) being completed and sent to the graphic artist for layout. This issue is dedicated to Wee Care and we have some sweet smocking designs as well as a new Wee Care pattern for you to try. Hopefully it will help boost the donations at this years SAGA Convention in Norfolk, Virginia as well as helping local hospitals around the country.

We also have an interview with Nancy Bednar, a pre-day class teacher. She is teaching a class that involves using some fabrics from vintage kimonos and every finished jacket will be different. Other pre-day classes are starters or refreshers in smocking techniques, so even if you are new to smocking, if you take one of these pre-day classes, you can then take some other smocking classes at Convention.

Yes, I said Convention and the registration has been open for a week now, so I am sure that classes are filling up, so if you are procrastinating-don't! Get that registration to Karen Van Wert as soon as possible. The best way is via the SAGA website as you will know the class still has spaces it won't be listed if it is full) alternatively you can FAX, call or mail in your registration. Don't forget to book your hotel room either. Also new this year is a trip on Monday to Williamsburg with special talks and a chance to see some items not generally on view to the public. Space is limited on this trip, so call Terry Campbell if you want to go (See the Convention Brochure in SAGANews Volume 31 #1).

For any new Convention goers this year, may I suggest you check out my Blogs from last year for everything you need to know about attending a SAGA National Convention and I hope to see you there come September!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Volume 31 Issue 1

SAGANews Volume 31 Issue 1 is definately in the mail. I received the box of spares early this morning (Thank you Mr. FedEx Man). If I get the spares, it means the printer has mailed the  others so just hope that the Post Office are in the delivery mood as it is all in their hands now!

So you will all be able to see the Convention Brochure and hopefully read the content of the magazine too.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February-National Smocking Month

Did you know that February is National Smocking month? I don't know how this was decided, but it is at least a great excuse for SAGA chapters to hold displays in local libraries or hold smocking demonstrations in public places. Is your chapter hosting an event during February? If you do, don't forget to email a write up and photos to saganews@smocking.org for Chapter Chatter. Your idea could inspire other SAGA chapters in the future.

Talking of smocking, did you know there is a village called SMOCK in Pennsylvania? I was looking for places with names that were sewing related (I know too much free time-in truth I was probably putting off doing something I should have been doing!) and came across Smock, PA. Smock is named after its founder, Samuel Smock who was a wealthy farmer, blacksmith and land speculator. He purchased land in 1869 and sold most of it to coal companies who developed the village's coal and coke industry. When the Pennsylvania Railroad came along, Smock granted them the right-of-way and in return had the station named after him, Smock Station. The station no longer exists, but the village later took up the name.

As a mining village, Smock was developed by several coal companies, resulting in various architecturally distinct settlements, as each company had its own style. These are now on the National Register for Historic Places. The coal miners in Smock came from Polish, Slovak, Italian, Russian and African-American extraction.

Smock is now a small community on State Route 4016 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. It has a historical society formed in 1994 when they were placed on the National Register for Historic Places. They have established the Smock Heritage Museum to preserve the heritage of the special coal mining community. The museum is home to many maps, artifacts, photographs and even a wedding gown display. They also have a craft shop.

Visit http://www.fay-west.com/smock  for more information.

If you ever get to visit Smock, don't forget to take photos and write something for SAGANews!

And the next issue of SAGANews should be leaving the printer by the end of next week and you know what this issue contains? Yes, the Convention Brochure! I hope that lots of you are looking forward to another great convention, this year in Norfolk, Virginia at the Marriott Waterside. You will have plenty of time to go through the brochure, pick out your classes, change your mind, go back again and make your final decision before the registration opens on May 1, 2010.

In your excitement, don't forget to read the rest of SAGANews as it contains some interesting articles.

Also, please visit the SAGA website (http://www.smocking.org/)
and make sure your personal information is up-to-date, especially your email address. In an effort to 'Go Green' (okay and save money) SAGA is sending more and more information via email. Please add SAGA to your safe sender email addresses so you don't miss out on any important items-like your membership renewal notice that went out in December! If you have any questions on your membership, please contact the Registrar, Erna at registrar@smocking.org . You can also contact your Region Representative with any questions you have.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indianapolis Photo CD

I finally got a chance to go through all the photos from the 2009 National Convention in Indianapolis and burn them onto some CD's that have been sent to SAGA Sales. So, if you were at the 2009 Convention and want some photos from classes, events and especially Banquet, contact SAGA Sales. They will also be listed on the SAGA web site soon. The price is $6 each and that includes shipping-a bargain for over 300 photos. These make great chapter programmes!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SAGANews Volume 31 Issue 1

So, the first issue of SAGANews for the new decade is beginning to take shape. I have articles, a smocking design, Chapter Chatter, the President's message and I am putting it all together ready for the graphic artist to layout. Terry Campbell is working on the all important centre insert the CONVENTION BROCHURE!

When will this be in your mail box? Well, as I said we have to get magazine set up ready for the printer and then they have to set it up ready to print and I have one final check of everything and at the push of a button they start the presses. So, I am hoping that all this will take place about the middle of February. Then it is all in the hands of the United States Postal Service, so who knows when it will be in your mail box?

Of course there is another way to see both SAGANews and the Convention brochure a little bit earlier and that is through the SAGA web site. Once we have sent the documents to the printer, we will post the PDF's on the web site, so watch this space to find out when that happens if you really can't wait to see your hard copy!

By the way, did you get your SAGA membership renewal via email or regular mail and have you actually renewed? Please don't leave it too long to renew your membership as you don't want to miss out on getting your SAGANews, do you?