Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How Many Days?!

So, only a week before the SAGA National Convention pre-day classes begin! Are you anywhere near ready?

Yes, I know you have tons more things to get done before you even start to think about packing but I hope you have checked your class supplies, completed your Design Show and contest entries (only joking-you can work on those a few hours more) and are actually aware that it is only a week away?

Okay, so you are planning the family's meals for the week you are gone and doing the laundry and everything else you have to do to make sure that your husband and children survive without you, but believe me, they will survive. Maybe they will appreciate you a little more when you return (well for the first few days at least).

Whether you are a First Time attendee or have been many times to Convention you will have a great time. You will meet and make new friends and renew old friendships. You will be tired and mind numb after several days of classes and events. You may even wonder if you will ever finish the class project, but hopefully you will enjoy yourself enough to want to attend another Convention-they can be addictive!

Just to help you when you are putting your Convention items together, remember:

  1. Basic sewing supplies
  2. Special class supplies
  3. Wee Care items
  4. Name labels for the raffle tickets
  5. Something to write with and on
  6. Your kit fees
  7. Money for market
  8. Design Show and/ or Contest entries
  9. Show and Share entries
  10. Your chapter basket
  11. Camera
  12. A few changes of clothes
  13. Maybe some underwear
  14. Maybe some makeup
  15. Definitely yourself!

So see you in Norfolk in seven (7) days time!