Thursday, July 23, 2009

Convention-Some Timely Tips

So, we are nearly into August and then it will be September and before we know it SAGA National Convention will be here-are you ready?

I just thought I would put some timely reminders and helpful hints your way in case you are a First Time Attendee or even a regular attendee. We all need reminders sometimes, right?

First things first and that is an up-coming deadline- August 1, 2009 is when your Design Show entry form and fee(s) should have been received . That doesn’t mean that your entries have to be completed (or even started) by that date, just that your intention to enter should be registered by way of submitting the entry form and fee(s). Once you have completed that task, then you can actually start the project and as long as it is completed in time to hand in on the morning of the entry collection at Convention, then you can be stitching the last bullion while waiting for the elevator.

Next of course the really important things to remember, after registering for SAGA National Convention 2009, are book your hotel room and make your return travel arrangements.

Now some little reminders to make life easier while you are at Convention:

1. This year SAGA will not be giving out name tag holders. So, either bring one you received at a previous Convention or alternatively make one to suit your needs (Robin Hart has created and donated a great pattern and it is available on the SAGA website

2. You might also want to bring a tote bag to carry everything in or a favourite sewing bag or even a bag on wheels (especially good for all those supplies you will be buying at market).

3. Wheels for your sewing machine are a good thing too- they are heavy to carry from your room to a classroom. If you are bringing your own machine, please remember to pack the power cord and foot pedal as well as spare needles your presser feet! Better yet, why not rent a machine? (See the SAGA web site for more information).

4. A couple of other items that make life easier are a power extension cord and magnification to use when sewing. Maybe a spare pair of reading glasses if you use them?

5. Bring address labels for all the raffle tickets you will buy-this saves so much time not having to write your name on them all, plus makes it easier for Cheryl Cox, our Raffle Basket Announcer to read (remember if you use ones with your husbands name on, that is the name Cheryl will call).

6. Talking of raffle baskets, don’t forget your chapter basket –it can’t be won if you forget to bring it (or arrange to have it mailed ahead of time. See the next issue of SAGANews Volume 30 #3 for the address to mail it to).

7. Consider making a folder and having some plastic page protectors in it. You can use these to keep the class handouts, Artisan card,small kits, kit fee envelopes and other items you want to keep safe, but handy.

8. Have your kit fees in an envelope, one for each class, labeled with the class name, teachers name and your name. This helps you as you will not need to receive change or have to use cash from your purse and also helps the Teachers Angel, as she will have the correct money and know who it is from. Most teachers accept checks, which you can also have ready and in your kit fee envelope if you prefer that method to pay for your kits.

9. A very important item if you are already enrolled in the Artisan Program, is your Artisan card. Of course you can get the teacher to sign and date each class handout, but it is far better to have them sign your actual Artisan card. If you are not in the Artisan Program, you will have the chance to sign up while you are at Convention and you will find temporary cards in each classroom to use until you receive your official card. (For more information on the Artisan Program and to sign up in advance of attending Convention, please visit the SAGA website

10. Make sure you have your Basic Sewing Supplies as well as any special class supplies required for each class (check the Convention Brochure) collected together. You may need to special
order something required, so best not to leave to until the last minute. You might also get to buy something you need on sale if you have made a list ahead of time and take it with you when visiting a local sewing store or on-line site. Any money saved is a good thing-more to spend at Market!

11. Also especially helpful is to check if any of your classes require some pre-class preparation, like pleating a piece of fabric with 24 rows and back smocking all of them before class!

12. Plan on making a Wee Care gown, cap, bonnet or blanket for donation to the collection at Convention. You get a special ticket to put into the drawing for the Wee Care basket and only tickets received for Wee Care donations can be entered into that drawing. The more Wee Care donations you make, the more special tickets you receive (which can also be used in the regular raffle baskets if you wish).

13. Don’t forget your 30th Anniversary Pearls, Perles, Purls Contest entry. This is anything smocked, fine hand or machine sewn or embroidered that will fit into one cubic foot of space (a box 12’’x12’’x12’’).
Last, but not least remember we are going to have great time and you don’t want to miss out! If you really can’t make it to Convention this year, SAGANewsBlogs will try and keep you posted as to the events as soon as it can-provided I am not having way too much fun!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SAGANews Blogs!

SAGANews has got a Blog!

We plan to use the Blog to keep you informed about events and happenings in the world of SAGA and SAGANews. So keep visiting to see what is going on, you don't want to miss out on anything.

We will also be Blogging from SAGA National Convention (September 30 to October 4 2009). Those Blogs will show some of the days events and photos to include everyone in the fun. No need to miss out because you can't be there. You can also get a taste of Convention if you have never been and hopefully you will like what you see and want to attend next year.

Watch this Blog for more information soon!