Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Name Tag Holder Project

As promised in SAGANews Volume 35 Issue 2, here is the Name Tag Holder designed by Barbara Scappaticci. You could make this holder for SAGA Sewcation, but it could also be made to identify you when you are at a Stitch in Public event, Chapter meeting or, in fact, any meeting.

This could also be a chapter project. I look forward to seeing some great versions of this at the SAGA National Convention in Orlando, Florida!

Please remember that you may only use the directions for personal use and items made using these directions may not be sold. These directions are copyrighted.

Name Tag Holder with zipper pocket to securely hold cell phone, tickets and money

Note:  All pieces are cut on the straight of grain

Materials:Piece of clear plastic, 5” x 3 ¾” for each holder
                   Zipper, 6” or longer, polyester      Do Not Use a Metal Zipper
                   Fabric for body of name tag holder, ¼ yard          
Note:    If you have a pattern that needs to be cut in the other direction, you will need at least 1/3 yard.   A half yard will make several name tag holders.
                   Lining, ¼ yard or a fat quarter

Piece above zipper 5” x 1”

Binding for top of plastic pocket 5” x 1 ¼”
Binding for bottom of pocket 5” x 5/8”
Lining cut one piece 10 ½ “x 5” and one piece 5” x 1
1.   On binding piece for top of pocket, turn under and press ¼” on each long side.  Fold lengthwise again, offsetting folded edges by 1/8”.  Press.
2.    Insert plastic into folded binding.  Using a Cover Stitch on a Serger or twin needles on the sewing machine, and having the longer side of binding facing up, stitch across binding.  Note:  Use a longer machine stitch when stitching on the plastic.  If plastic tends to stick to your machine, place a piece of tissue paper or tear away under plastic before sewing. 
3.    Fold under 1/8” on each long side of binding piece for bottom of pocket.    Set aside.
4.   To insert a zipper in the back of the holder, place the zipper face down on the end of the right side of the large piece of fabric having ends of zipper extend evenly at each side of fabric.  The side of the zipper should be even with the end of the fabric piece.   Place lining face down  (fabric and lining will be right sides together with the zipper sandwiched in between. 
   Stitch ¼” from edge along the length of the zipper.  Press fabric and lining away from zipper.
5.    Using the smaller pieces of fabric and lining, sandwich the zipper, as above, making sure right side of zipper is facing the right side of the fabric and the other edge of the zipper and edges of the fabric and lining are even.  Stitch with a ¼” seam.  Press fabric and lining away from zipper.  

6.     Place the top of the pocket, right side up, 1 ½” from edge opposite from the zipper end.  Place the binding for the bottom of the pocket over the bottom edge of plastic pocket and edge stitch both sides of the binding, using a longer machine stitch (3.0).
7.    Bar Tack each end of zipper, first making sure pull tab is inside the holder at least an inch and bar tack is in the ½” seam allowance.  Cut off ends of zipper even with the sides of the holder.

8.    Fold Name Tag Holder with right sides together, and stitch across 5” end opposite the fold.  Serge or zigzag finish the seam.  Turn right side out and press making sure you DO NOT press on the plastic.    NOTE:  the bottom of the pocket is approximately ½” from the folded bottom of the name tag holder.  The top edge is the seam you just sewed.
9.      The neckband and side binding are all one piece.   Using the 2” x 40 ½” piece, fold and press under ½” on each long side.  Fold in each end ¼” and press.   Fold in half lengthwise matching folded edges and press.  You now have a side binding/neck strap ½” x 40”.

10.     Open out binding and pin right side of binding to back (zipper) side of name tag holder leaving ¼” at bottom and stitch with ½” seam.  Do the same with the other end of the binding/strap, being careful not to twist the neck strap.  Fold up ¼” and turn binding to front of name tag holder, pin and stitch in place continuing this time all around from one side to the other.

11.    Clear pocket holds a 3: x 4” Name Tag.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Being printed.......

SAGANews Volume 35 Issue 2 is at the printers, so will soon be in the hands of the United States Post Office and then it is, as they say on the television show 'Signed , Sealed, Delivered', "an act of faith" as we wait for the delivery to your mail boxes.

Just so you know what to look for, this dress is on the cover and features some advanced smocking stitches, designed by Claire Meldrum.

This issue also contains details of the Wee Care contest, a quick embroidery project and some ideas about smocking to make you think outside the comfort zone!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I did at the weekend.

Just something a little different in the SAGANews blog today-what I did at the weekend- I went to Brimfield, Massachusetts. Now Brimfield is usually a quiet little town not far from Sturbridge where there is a lot of tourist trade as they have a Colonial Village, but three times a year Brimfield becomes the busiest place there could be as it is taken over by fields and fields of antiques and other items you didn't know you wanted but had to buy. And I really mean fields and fields, as that is where all the tents are set up selling everything from Waterford crystal to plastic toys and a lot of other things in between. Some fields are better than others but then it all depends what you are looking for I guess.

I went as the weather was just perfect for walking about in fields-warm, sunny and a breeze. I didn't need anything but it is always fun to look-just in case. I have been before so had some idea where I wanted to look (the vendors all tend to be in the same fields each time) so I didn't wander too aimlessly. Of course, I was looking for linens, lace, baby clothes, sewing tools and anything that caught my eye. I have to say that there were not as many stalls with nice linens and I was hard pressed to find any sewing tools. I did find some nice hankies with tatting around them which I plan to make into lavender sachets, but I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without to make me part with my money.

One really nice booth was the Linen Lady and she had heard of SAGA! She said she she had visited convention one year and seen the Show and Share displays. She loved the fact that someone still does all that handwork and fine sewing. Her booth was pretty and she had every kind of linen you might want. It was from her I bought my hankies and you can see from the couple of photos I took that it was eye candy indeed.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Classics With A Twist

Do you sew for your little ones?  Perhaps you had a relative who taught you to sew or maybe you are advancing your sewing expertise through participation on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and various blogs. The Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA) is delighted to offer you a new and exciting adventure this September in Orlando, Florida.

Classics With a Twist, features a wonderful weekend full of exciting classes with LIESL GIBSON, designer of Oliver + S patterns. Liesl has taken children’s, women’s and accessories’  patterns to a new level of cute with modern designs and thorough directions, making even the most challenging design accessible to the new seamstress. Come meet this talented designer and experience first-hand her personal instruction. The classes will cover basic pattern alterations, details that make a difference, as well as a wallet construction class. Come check out our Facebook page for some free giveaways from Liesl in May!

Friday afternoon, Liesl will be presenting a free lecture, open to the public entitled “One Pattern, Many Looks.” In conjunction with the lecture, SAGA will be offering a Vendor’s Market and showcase from our members and teachers. Market will include fabric, patterns, machine embroideries, heirloom laces and much more. We want to share our love of all the needle arts with you. Come join us for this wonderful event and see what SAGA has to offer - you will be overwhelmed by the talent of our SAGA members and teachers! For more information on Classics With a Twist, go to! See you in Orlando!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Give Away on the SAGA Facebook Page

Visit the Smocking Arts Guild of America Facebook page and enter to win two Oliver + S patterns.

                                                                   Contest ends May 7.

                                                                         Good Luck!
Give away now through May 7th of the Library Dress pattern on SAGA's facebook page!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Little Continental Window Shopping

A friend of mine, Diana Z., from another stitching organization (yes, dare I say it, the Embroiderer's Guild of America) recently returned from a trip to Europe. She went mainly to see the tulips in Holland- something she doesn't grow in her garden here in Connecticut. Why is that, I know you are wondering. Well if you live anywhere in the state of Connecticut  and have a garden full of lovely flowers, and this time of year tulips, then it is buffet time for Bambie.

Anyway, I digress-back to Diana Z., and her trip which also included Belgium and Belgium included Brussels and this is the photo she shared with me from a shop in that city.  Smocking. She said it was in lots of the shops over there and she knew I would love to see it. Thank you Diana, as I did enjoy seeing it and asked her if I could share it on the SAGANews blog.

Diana also enjoyed visiting Bruges and saw lace making and window shopped the lace shops too. Lucky Diana.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Registration for Sewcation is OPEN!

Registration  for the SAGA 35th Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida opened yesterday.

Did you register yet?

Check out the class offerings on the SAGA website