Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I did at the weekend.

Just something a little different in the SAGANews blog today-what I did at the weekend- I went to Brimfield, Massachusetts. Now Brimfield is usually a quiet little town not far from Sturbridge where there is a lot of tourist trade as they have a Colonial Village, but three times a year Brimfield becomes the busiest place there could be as it is taken over by fields and fields of antiques and other items you didn't know you wanted but had to buy. And I really mean fields and fields, as that is where all the tents are set up selling everything from Waterford crystal to plastic toys and a lot of other things in between. Some fields are better than others but then it all depends what you are looking for I guess.

I went as the weather was just perfect for walking about in fields-warm, sunny and a breeze. I didn't need anything but it is always fun to look-just in case. I have been before so had some idea where I wanted to look (the vendors all tend to be in the same fields each time) so I didn't wander too aimlessly. Of course, I was looking for linens, lace, baby clothes, sewing tools and anything that caught my eye. I have to say that there were not as many stalls with nice linens and I was hard pressed to find any sewing tools. I did find some nice hankies with tatting around them which I plan to make into lavender sachets, but I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without to make me part with my money.

One really nice booth was the Linen Lady and she had heard of SAGA! She said she she had visited convention one year and seen the Show and Share displays. She loved the fact that someone still does all that handwork and fine sewing. Her booth was pretty and she had every kind of linen you might want. It was from her I bought my hankies and you can see from the couple of photos I took that it was eye candy indeed.

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