Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Little Continental Window Shopping

A friend of mine, Diana Z., from another stitching organization (yes, dare I say it, the Embroiderer's Guild of America) recently returned from a trip to Europe. She went mainly to see the tulips in Holland- something she doesn't grow in her garden here in Connecticut. Why is that, I know you are wondering. Well if you live anywhere in the state of Connecticut  and have a garden full of lovely flowers, and this time of year tulips, then it is buffet time for Bambie.

Anyway, I digress-back to Diana Z., and her trip which also included Belgium and Belgium included Brussels and this is the photo she shared with me from a shop in that city.  Smocking. She said it was in lots of the shops over there and she knew I would love to see it. Thank you Diana, as I did enjoy seeing it and asked her if I could share it on the SAGANews blog.

Diana also enjoyed visiting Bruges and saw lace making and window shopped the lace shops too. Lucky Diana.