Wednesday, June 1, 2016

You can look feminine even in jeans

That is a quote from Norma Jeane Mortenson who would have turned 90 today.

 Of course, you know Norma Jeane better as iconic film star Marilyn Monroe. Often portrayed as the 'dumb blond' Marilyn was really very intelligent and liked to cook, read, write poetry and listen to classical music. She was an humanitarian, often fighting for the underdog and readily took part in charity events.
Marilyn at the Annual March of Dimes Fashion Show, January 1958

The picture we all remember is of her wearing the white 'subway' dress which sold at auction for $5.6 million making it the most valuable movie costume of all time!

Another famous gown Marilyn wore is the sheath dress she was sewn into when she sang 'Happy Birthday' to President John F. Kennedy at the White House in May 1962. That dress later sold for $1.2 million making it the most expensive personal dress ever sold!

Going back to her quote about jeans, a pair of jeans worn by Marilyn in the movie 'River of No Return' were sold to Tommy Hilfiger who later gifted them to Britney Spears.

Marilyn with Keith Adams in The River of No Return, 1952

Even though Marilyn is famous for wearing many beautiful gowns and also singing 'Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend' she rarely wore jewelry of any kind.

                                                        Happy Birthday Norma Jeane.

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  1. Cynthia sent this comment:
    Lovely post about a beautiful woman, so sad to think she would now be 90.