Monday, August 11, 2014

Wild and Wacky- A Different Route

This guest blog from Region I Representative, Jane O'Brien, starts the drive to Orlando from a different route and passed some more Wlid and Wacky places!

From Atlanta, Georgia on I–75 S
Driving to Orlando on I-75 S from the Atlanta, Georgia area?  Are you going nuts yet? 
Ashburn, GA   (2.5 hours from Atlanta -4 1/4 hrs to Orlando)        
·         The World’s Largest Peanut Monument is visible from the highway.   Don’t worry if you are going by at night… it is surrounded by floodlights and can be seen easily.  (visible from I-75.  ½ mi south of exit 82).  If you are looking for a quick stop, it is only five minutes off the highway located on a service road cul de sac next to the highway. (Take the left between Zagby and Pizza Hut, past a few factories, watch for small service road on left.)  After your photo shoot, stop into Caroll's Sausage Kitchen, a great country store right before the peanut monument.  
·         A longer stay in Ashburn could include the Crime and Punishment Museum at the same exit.  It only takes about a hour to walk through.   Of note - it closed in January, 2014 for repairs…call 229.567.9696 for an update.
Tifton, GA (4 hrs to Orlando)
If a visual of a peanut doesn’t satisfy your nuttiness, twenty two miles to the south is the town of Tifton, GA where you can find the Adcock Pecan Company store.    It’s only .8 miles off the highway. A wide variety of nut and confectionary products are available at reasonable prices. (Take exit 62 for US-82/GA-520 toward US-319/Sylvester/Moultrie).
I 10 and I 75  Intersect just west of Lake City (2.5 hours to Orlando)
Start looking for some SAGA friends coming from The Gulf Shores!
                                                               Ocala (1 ¼ hrs to Orlando)   
                                (See Ocala in the I 10 notes coming from the Gulf Coast).
The real fun starts now!


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  1. I am enjoying your Road Trips. You are making the "getting there" part of Convention look like a lot of fun!