Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wild and Wacky Part 2

Jane takes us to more of the Wild and Wacky places you might want to just visit on your drive to Orlando for Sewcation!

Mobile (7.5 hours to Orlando)
The I-10 is only 66 miles long in Alabama.  Do you like tunnels?  In downtown Mobile, the I-10 goes through one of the few highway tunnels in Alabama, the George Wallace Tunnel, under the Mobile River.

Exiting the I-10 at Exit 44 will provide opportunities for many activities.

                                       Summerdale, AL (7.5 hours to Orlando)  

                Alligator Alley - Home Of Captain Crunch

 Are you looking for somewhere to stretch your legs that will wake you up and give you something to talk about for the rest of the trip?  Try this alligator farm…where there are more than 200 gators, many of them were rescued and relocated here from Florida. The famous resident is Captain Crunch, who weighs 2,982 pounds! Take a walk on the deck over the marsh and see them in a natural habitat… watch staff feed them, and you can even feed them some nuggets.  (about 12 miles off of I 10, Exit 44)                                                                                          

        Gulf Shores, AL (7.5 hours to Orlando)

Giant Open-Mouthed Shark

You can see the shark at the entrance to a gift shop named Souvenir City.  After you walk into the shark's mouth, you can look through windows into the shark's belly and see what he's eaten. Don’t miss the back entrance to the store where there is a large 3-masted pirate ship attached to the building.  (217 Gulf Shores Pkwy., Gulf Shores, Al)

World's Largest Purple Octopus
The World's Largest Purple Octopus, with white polka dots and a big smile it entwines the entrance to the Gulf Shores Souvenirs and gift store.  This is right next door the shark that you walk through. (It's located between 2nd and 3rd Ave and Hwy 59 in Gulf Shores Al on the west side of the road.)

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