Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's in a Name-Chesapeake Treasures

Chapter member Barbara Meger writes:

The Chesapeake Treasures have just celebrated their 25th Anniversary.  Today, as it was then, its members come from all areas of the Chesapeake region: Maryland, Virginia, even Delaware.  Each one is considered an invaluable "treasure." 


As its logo, the chapter added smocked wave stitches to the railing of the Thomas Point lighthouse which sits in the Chesapeake Bay outside Annapolis and is currently the last unaltered screwpile cottage-type lighthouse on its original foundation in the Chesapeake Bay.

Thank you Barbara.

You can visit Chesapeake Treasures on their Facebook page- Chesapeake Treasures Smocking Guild

What chapter will share the origin of their name next?

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