Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mystery Smock Along Clue 6

                                                                       Clue Number 6:
Make the ornament uniquely yours! After finishing clue 5, there are some nice open spaces between rows 5-7.

I have several suggestions on how you can fill that space, and below you can see what I did, but the final clue is to exercise your creativity and make this ornament uniquely yours!

So here are my suggestions:

                Flowerette – beaded or not.

                Holly or Mistletoe – 3 French knots, lazy daisy leaves

                Bullion Christmas Roses

                Silk Ribbon Poinsettia

                Mother of Pearl Buttons

                Repeat clue 5 with a different color, beginning 8 pleats to the right (don’t try to count the pleats – just line up with the Triple Crowns)


Next week there will be detailed instructions on constructing and finishing your ornament!

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