Monday, December 8, 2014

Finished-A Seasonal UFO!

Well, technically, it wasn't an Un-Finished Object as I had never started the project, but the little barrette kit had been moved from place to place around the sewing room, even from house to house. Then  into my sewing bag with the idea that it was a small project and could be easily stitched anywhere I was.

Did this happen, no it did not until a few days ago when I happened across the little bag again and thought that now was the time to smock and complete the project! It took just one evening and I am very happy with the result- very seasonal!

So where did I get this little kit? It was a table favour at a SAGA Convention. The bag contained everything needed to complete the project-the grossgrain ribbon was pleated; different colours of floss were included; the barrette and directions  along with a choice of two smocking designs (copied with permission from Creative Needle magazine).

So a belated thank you to the Charles River chapter in Massachusetts for the wonderful table favour from so long ago that is now finished and ready to gift to a little girl this Christmas season!

Good luck to all of you trying to finish projects for this Christmas season and remember-there is always next year.........

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