Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Final Hints and Information for Convention Attendees

So, Convention draws ever closer and I am sure you are getting excited, worried or nervous depending on whether or not you have been to Convention before. Those of you who have been many times will have your own routines and I am sure some of you have started those little piles of things in the sewing or spare bedroom. You know the ones- 'I am going to need this, this and this for my classes' and 'that, that and that to wear'. And these piles grow and grow and then you have to pack and depending on whether you are driving-'hey it can all go including the kitchen sink' or flying-'heck how many pairs of shoes can I wear in a week?' Some of you will be writing and rewriting lists (and I come into that category) which is where the computer comes in handy as you can save the lists and change them as the mood takes you. Then you move onto making the piles from the lists and the 'hey' and 'heck' happens as things never look that much on the computer screen or a sheet of paper! So to start you off with a list, here is one you can add to as needed, but contains the things you might/will actually need:

Final reminder list

  • Personal items (clothing, wash bag, etc)
  • Phone (and charger unit)
  • Essential sewing supplies
  • Class requirements
  • Kit fees
  • Name tag (recycle one from a previous year or make one) First Time attendees will receive one.
  • Notebook and pens
  • Extension cord
  • Magnification device (glasses, clip on etc)
  • Portable light
  • Sewing Machine (with power cord, foot peddle, needles and presser feet)
  • Artisan card
  • Design Show entry
  • Show and Share pieces (up to 3)
  • Camera (and spare batteries; charger; memory cards)
  • Wee Care
  • Address labels
  • Chapter/business raffle basket
  • Proxy forms from chapter members not attending Convention
  • Shopping List for Market
  • Shopping Bag for Market
  • Plenty of energy!

To help with what clothing to pack, think that 90% of the time you will be indoors, either in the hotel, in the mall or in a restaurant. You will need to be comfortable while you are in class and sometimes the classes can be cool (especially if you are under the A/C vent). You might want to pack a sweater or pashmina to cover this eventuality. You will need comfortable shoes as you will have to walk between your room, the elevator and the classrooms, plus to the meal rooms and of course, around market for hours and hours! Then there is banquet which is a more dressy event and if you are going to be in the Design Show or Artisan Achiever's photo, you know you want to look your best. You may want to remember to pack your PJ's especially if you are sharing a room. The hotel has a pool, but will you find time to use it?

If you are flying to Indy, please take time to look at your airlines luggage policies regarding weight allowances and charges for baggage. So many are charging for the first bag these days and the weight limit is 50 lb. If you do on line check in, you might save yourself $5 by checking your bag at the same time. Remember that you need to allow for a heavier case going back as you will have the kits, handouts, purchases from market and all those raffle basket contents! Also please remember not to put valuable items in your checked luggage (camera, jewelry) and also no alkaline batteries. Then you also have to remember not to have your sewing scissors in your hand luggage. You can visit the TSA website ( for up-to-date lists of all the permitted/ banned items.

As name tag holders are not being provided this year (except to First Time Attendees), if you have any from previous SAGA Conventions that you are willing to part with, you could bring those with you and hand them in at Hospitality. They will be able to give them to anyone who needs one and you can feel good for being 'green' by recycling them.

In case you don't have anything to work on during the masses of free time you have during Convention(!), you can always pick up a Wee Care bonnet or blanket kit to stitch. These items will be available in Hospitality and the kit will contain all that is needed to complete the project. The kits are made by the members of the Delphi Forum Heirloom Sewing and Smocking Board ( Once completed, the item will get you another special Wee Care raffle ticket.

While at Convention you might also bump into the SAGANews
Editor, Julie Stilwell. She will be taking photos and talking to people all week getting items of interest to use in future issues of the magazine. Julie will also be producing a daily newsletter, The Convention Times that you will find in Hospitality and in each classroom. The newsletter will list the daily events, meals and items of interest. So if you see Julie (and I am absolutely positive you will) remember to say 'hello' and if you have something you would like to see in SAGANews or you have an article or project you want to share with your fellow SAGA members, let Julie know!

Some links you may find useful:

SAGA- for a copy of the Proxy form (SAGANews Vol 30 #3)

Indianapolis Visitor Information:

Indianapolis International Airport:

Indianapolis Sheraton Hotel and Suites:

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