Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Convention Countdown

So, this time next week those of you taking pre-day classes will be in class and having fun! The hotel will be starting to fill up with excited ladies meeting each other again after a few days, weeks, months and years of not seeing each other and getting ready to enjoy some serious sewing experiences (as well as a good few non-sewing ones too).

I met up with a friend from another state last week as she is driving to Indy and offered to take some things for me. Her car will be full with all the things she is taking-herself, another friend, luggage for two, sewing machines (she is taking another friends machine also), boxes of things for SAGANews and the Artisan chair, raffle items and bottles of water and those are only the thing I know about! Now to ask me if this friend is excited is a silly question-she can't wait. She says this is like when she was younger and went to summer camp and met up with the same friends year after year. Convention gets you like that. You get on a high being with other people who understand exactly what you are talking about –bullions is not referring to gold; roll and whip is not some form of torture (although some may beg to differ); three-step trellis has nothing to do with training garden plants and SAGA is not a) a type of blue cheese, b) a long story, c) an travel organization for senior citizens (that is for the people from the UK reading this).

I am sure that this week is a busy one for those of you who will be heading to Convention as you make sure that your family has everything they need to survive without you and you double check that list of sewing supplies required for classes as well as plan what to take in the way of clothing. Maybe you haven't been able to find an essential item for class but don't worry as someone is bound to have enough to share with you and the teacher will most likely have the hard-to-find item with her too. As long as you have most of the things you need and you remember to pack those, you will manage.

Remember too that Convention is your time to do something for you and you need to think about the great classes you are taking; the new techniques you will learn; the new friends you will make and plan to make the most of being amongst people who love smocking, heirloom sewing and embroidery as much as you do.

See you very soon, I hope and those who aren't able to join us this year, I will Blog as often as I can so you can enjoy a virtual Convention as you plan a way to attend a Convention another time.

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