Monday, September 28, 2009

The fun is starting!

So Monday is nearly over and people started arriving and I have seen lots of familiar faces around in the hotel lobby as well as in the mall. Several of my personal friends arrived so it has been fun to catch up with them. It is amazing how many have driven here this year and the cars are loaded with everything but the kitchen sink it seems. It does make it easier to take classes that involve a sewing machine if you drive, but then again we have had the chance to rent machines for the last few years, which is a great idea, especially if there is only one machine class you want to take.

Registration was open this evening for a couple of hours to let those taking the pre-day classes pick up their registration packets and goodie filled tote bags. They also got their meal tickets for the days they are taking classes (don't forget these need your name on the back for the chance to win a door prize). Hospitality will open sometime tomorrow and that will be a great place to catch up with everyone. I know lots of boxes have been arriving, so I know there will be many great raffle baskets calling my name!

The hotel being attached to the mall makes it easy to get a snack, meal or just have a walk about. There is also Wi-Fi access in the mall as well as the hotel lobby areas. So for those that can't keep away from the computer and the Internet that is a good thing (especially for the SAGANews Blogger!)

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