Monday, September 22, 2014

Where SAGA Members Actually Sew-Part 3

The last two posts showed some interesting sewing spaces. I am sure you can relate to them in some way? Whether you dream of a huge space with custom built cabinetry or just dream of having your sewing machine out  and accessible some where in your home. Today's sewing spaces show that some thought went into these rooms and the minute someone walks in they would know that this was the space of a serious stitcher.

Anonymous Stitcher #6

You will notice a theme with these rooms- they use sewing items, garments, storage as part of the decor.

Anonymous Stitcher #7

Anonymous Stitcher #8

Now how creative would these rooms make you? I would just want to sit there and look at everything so not much stitching would get done!

I hope you are enjoying seeing these sewing spaces and maybe you are planning changes to your own sewing space using some of the the ideas you have seen here?

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