Saturday, September 13, 2014

SAGANews Volume 35 Issue 3 -have you got yours yet?

SAGANews Volume 35 Issue 3 is in the mail and at the mercy of the US postal system! I have yet to receive my copy, but I know it is being delivered to the membership because……

1.        I have already received one request for a new copy as the Post Office destroyed most of one they delivered.

2.       The Wee Care™ chair has been busy and made two Angel Sleeved Wee Care™ gowns using the pattern in this issue.

3.       I found this photo in a SAGA chapter newsletter I received. Seems even cats like to curl up with a hard copy of a magazine!


Hope your copy arrives in one piece and you make something Wee Care™ using one of the featured patterns and that you get to curl up and enjoy reading it!

PS The cat is called Cali and belongs to SAGA member Irene Thomas in California.

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