Monday, September 8, 2014

Destination Orlando!


Since July, members of the SAGA Board and the SAGANews Editor have been sharing suggestions on the blog to break up your trip to Orlando….on the road: fabric stores, food, antique areas, and Wild and Wacky; by plane: some TSA requirements; and for all:  planning suggestions and reminders, and some features of the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel.

How would you like to be featured on SAGA’s blog and/or Facebook page? This is your opportunity to share your experiences as you travel to SEWCATION!
          What you need to do:
1.    Take a picture during your travel to Orlando that includes the SEWCATION logo (the logo can be on a phone or the back cover of any SAGANews issue or on a printed piece of paper held in the picture and clearly visible).   
a.    Include
·         Where and when it was taken (Review? Not necessary but may be fun!)
·         The name (names) of person (people) in the picture
2.    Email the information and picture to for posting on SAGA’s blog and Facebook page. By sending your picture to the social media chair, you are granting SAGA permission to use this photo on SAGA related social media sites.
3.    Any questions? Contact Jane O’Brien, Region I Representative

                                               Wishing you all a safe trip to Orlando!

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