Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Places SAGA Members Actually Sew

Some of the photos shared by SAGA members of their sewing rooms have been used to make limited edition notecards, but what of the other photos we received? Well, in today’s blog I thought I would share a couple of sewing rooms with you.

The next few photos are where Anonymous Stitcher Number 1 creates her heirloom garments.  This set up is obviously handy if you have to wash your fabric before you use it or just have a lot of laundry to do as you can pass the time at the  sewing machine while the load washes and dries!

But it works, as Anonymous S titcher Number 1 makes beautiful items, as can been seen in the photo below.


Anonymous Stitcher Number 2 shows the complete opposite of the spectrum-an empty sewing room! But what a room! It is approximately 19' X 35". It has a half bath and washer/dryer in it also. Do I see a theme here with the washing machines? This newly completed sewing room seems to have some wonderful views and lots of natural light, as well as lots and lots of built in storage.  I am sure that the owner will soon fill it! Sorry no photos of her latest sewing project-I guess she has been too busy planning this room!

I will share some more sewing room photos soon!


  1. The new sewing room. Talk about fabulous! I just can't imagine. Is it in Heaven?

  2. I agree that new sewing room is surely in heaven...look at all that natural light!