Saturday, August 29, 2009

Events at Convention Part 4

Now we have reached Friday and the half day of classes begin as usual at 9:00 AM. Once these end at lunchtime, it is off to pick up the meal for the day which is a boxed lunch (you will be informed where to pick these up). Maybe you can enjoy this lunch outside in the fresh air with all your friends old and new before you head off to the Chapter Presidents Roundtable (if your chapter's president is not attending Convention, you may want to represent her at this meeting). Here various items are discussed such as Wee Care distribution, attracting new members, hosting a national teacher to name a few. Following the roundtable, there will be a SAGA Focus Group, the topic will be announced and if you want to join in the discussion, please do so, they usually prove to be lively events!
Once these meetings are over you may take some time to visit the Mall, work on a Wee Care bonnet or blanket (remember those extra special raffle tickets) or rest for the big event of the day-Market.
Market starts at 3:00 PM and runs through to 8:30 PM so you have plenty of time to rush through, buy all the bargains, go back to your room, have a show and share with your friends, and then head back to market to buy the things your friends bought and you missed! You may want to start making a list of things you need now so you have some plan of action once those doors open! Don't forget to bring a big bag for all those purchases!
The excitement of Market over, you now have time to relax a little and socialize with your friends, but don't forget to get some sleep as tomorrow is another busy day!
Saturday already? Where did time go? Off to classes again this morning for 9 AM and today when lunchtime comes, you are on your own-where will you go? The Mall is close by, maybe you need to go there to eat, walk about or buy that last minute accessory for your outfit for Banquet tonight? (You can see the stores that are in the Mall by following this link
Don't forget you need to be back in class for 2:00 PM. Oh! And lunchtime today is your last chance to buy or place any -the drawing is tonight at Banquet!
Once classes are over today, you have an hour or so to get yourself changed and ready for the Annual Banquet, which begins with a cash bar at 6:00 PM. I wonder what the table theme will be this year? Terry Campbell always does such a great job. Hopefully you can remember what table number you signed up for? Banquet starts at 7:00 PM and it is not just eating that takes place. Tonight we say good bye to some members of the board; we install the new 2009-2010 board and we have the Presidential Handover to name a few events. We get to see the Artisan Achievers who are present and congratulate them as well as the Design Show entrants and winners. And in between all of these events, Cheryl Cox will be calling the raffle basket winners and her team of helpers will find the winner and deliver the prize. Now, if you have never been to Convention and won a raffle basket, there is something you should know-you need to make yourself known so the basket can be given to you. How do you do that? You jump up and down and shout loudly and your friends all clap and shout too! Just sitting and quietly putting up your hand up won't work, we need to see and hear you!
Once all the business items and raffle baskets are drawn, Banquet comes to an end. If you are an Artisan Achiever or Design Show entrant you will need to remember to find Julie Stilwell, SAGANews Editor, as she needs to get you in the group photos that will be in the next issue of SAGANews.
Now it is off to your room to maybe get some packing done as tomorrow is the last day of Convention. Classes begin earlier on Sunday (8:30 AM) and you need to go to breakfast first, at 7:15 to see everyone for those last goodbyes as everyone is leaving the hotel at different times and you may not get to see them again today. Breakfast today is a lively buffet with everyone eating, hugging, crying and saying "See you at next year's Convention in Norfolk!"

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