Sunday, August 23, 2009

Events at Convention Part 3

Thursday arrives and if you have something for the Show and Share display, this morning you must have it ready to hand in before you head off to class. Entry forms for the Show and Share will be in Hospitality. You can complete these ahead of time. You are limited to three entries, but these items are not judged, nor is there an entry fee. This is purely a celebration of completed projects. Remember that your items must be clean, pressed and if appropriate on hangers ready to display.

Today you head off to class with a little more confidence as you know your way around the hotel and don’t feel quite so lost. So, same procedure as Wednesday, arrive early, pay the kit fees to the Teachers Angel and set up ready to start. Luncheon is only a few short hours away!

Thursday luncheon will probably be in the same room as Wednesdays’ luncheon and remember to have your Thursday meal ticket (with your name on the back) ready to hand in at the door as you rush to grab a table for you and your friends. Also, if you have any Proxy Voting forms from your chapter, please hand these in at the door also (these forms may be found on page 14 of SAGANews Volume 30 Issue 3 and may be copied, but must be signed to be valid. Please bring them for the members unable to attend). Once lunch is under way, the Annual Business Meeting will be convened. If you have something to say at this meeting, please follow the correct protocol, which will be read out by the Secretary.

Business Meeting over, the Wee Care presentation to representatives from local area hospitals will be made (sometimes this happens before the Business Meeting, depending on the schedule). It is so nice to see the gowns received and admired by the ladies from the hospitals. They are always amazed (and so am I) by the work that goes into many of these tiny items. The presentation at luncheon is just a token, as the Wee Care items continue to arrive all week and at the end of Convention are then divided up and delivered to the hospitals. The donated Wee Care items will all be on display in Hospitality.

Lunch over it is back to class, but not before designating someone to sign your name on a table for Banquet on Saturday. Yes, the Banquet sign-up sheet will be available after lunch today, so you need to have a plan of action to get the table you want with all of your friends. (I have to say this is usually my job and I have a list of names I have to remember-not an easy task).

After classes end the events that are planned for Thursday evening begin with the Design Show/Show and Share displays. If you signed up to be a White Glove Lady the Design Show Chair, Maggie Bunch will be there to give you the white gloves-the essential part of your uniform. Only you will be allowed to handle any of the items and help people view the inside of a garment or get a closer look at something. Who and what will have been judged the Best in Show this year? Will your Design Show entry have a ribbon-of course it will! Just look at all the creativity in one place. Who would have thought there was so much talent out there? Plus you get to vote for Viewers Choice, how do you decide? Then on to the Show and Share, who had the time to make and complete all those wonderful items? (One item to note here is that while you may take photos in the Show and Share area, you may not take photos under any circumstances in the Design Show area).

If this wasn’t enough, there is also the Teachers Showcase to view. Here you can see examples of the SAGA approved classes offered by the wonderful teachers and also get to see some new classes they are planning to offer. Now is your chance to get their contact information for that workshop your chapter plans to host soon (and don’t forget you might be able to get a SAGA grant to help defer the cost).

All that talent and inspiration in one area is overwhelming, but it is so good to see that smocking and the related needle arts are being kept alive.

The last thing to do Thursday evening before you head off to enjoy some free time (or bed), is to pick up your entries from both Design Show and Show and Share by 9:00PM.

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