Sunday, August 6, 2017

More Brimfield

 So what else did I see at Brimfield? I have to say a lot of 'stuff'- some really nice things and some I wondered if they had just piled the contents of their basement into the car and put it out on display! I just wonder who would buy what actually looked like junk!

Household textiles nicely displayed
Anyway, that said, there were few vintage linens and certainly fewer vintage clothing of note. I wonder if that had to do with the fact that the vintage textile show was not held this July? It is usually held at a hotel in Sturbridge on the Monday of Brimfield week, but this year they cut the July show.

The only children's clothing-the middle item was smocked.
There were a few booths with baskets of trims, mostly just in a 'rats nest' pile and not good quality. I was not in need of any of that and did not feel in the mood to dive into these untidy displays. Had they taken time to untangle the mess it would have looked a lot nicer and more appealing.

Cute baby dress with faggoting on the collar
Small sewing tools and items were not very prevalent either. I know a lot of these items get thrown out in downsizing or estate clearances as no one knows what they are! I did spot an Avery needlecase. Very nice it was too along with the price tag!

Brass Avery Needlecase to left of the MOP spools.

Also saw this cute display of baby bonnets. At least they looked clean and were displayed nicely, so looked appealing to potential buyers.

Three cute bonnets
And this gown, with the wonderful eyelets and pintucks. The price wasn't bad, but I really do not need to add to my  textile collection! I am at the stage where I maybe need to think about downsizing  rather than increasing it..... An item has to be really special for me to actually buy it these days.

Whitework gown
Detail of the diagonal pintucks and whitework embroidery with eyelets
 Maybe I will get to the Vintage Textile Show in September and see more pretty  linens, lace and textiles.

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