Friday, August 11, 2017


When wandering around the fields at Brimfield (or any antique show or store) I am always looking for items that relate to sewing. I do look at other things, but sewing is my passion and all things related to it interest me! Textiles and vintage clothing also attract me as they often showcase the type of stitching and work that I love to do.

 So it was interesting to see that there were actually a lot of sewing machines for sale at various booths at Brimfield this July. Some were just everyday Kenmores or store brands but others were more collectable, like this New Home that the booth owner opened up out of the cabinet just for me to photograph for the blog!

Check out the beautiful foot pedal!
Then there were the three Singer Featherweights. Very collectable and some people  I know have many of them. I already own one that was given to me by a friend and have no desire to have more. It was easy to walk passed these ones especially as the prices were more than I would have been prepared to pay! I have no desire to collect Featherweights- and without checking these out more closely I couldn't tell the condition.

Then as Lisa and I were just ending our walk-about, we spotted this machine. Okay, it isn't a sewing machine, but a mangle or ringer (depending on where you come from). There would have been tubs that went into the front and back areas to hold the laundry or water.

The 'key' at the top right can be turned to adjust the pressure on the rollers.

The flap at the front can be used either side to direct the water squeezed out by the rollers.

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