Saturday, June 24, 2017


How often you you de-fluff?

No, that is not a personal question, but in reference to your sewing machine.
My machine feed-dogs just a little fluffy.

For many years I did not remove my machine throat plate or look around the bobbin case and when I did I removed a piece of hard felt! Since that time I have been more diligent in de-fluffing and try to remember to do it after every project, especially if the fabric is itself a little fluffy.

My de-fluffer covered in fluff!

What to use to de-fluff? For a long time I used a nylon paint brush, as the nylon became static and would pick up the fluff like a magnet.

Now I use what I call a pipe cleaner, but are now sold in craft stores for making fluffy items.
 I fold it in half and use it as I did the paint brush and the fuff sticks easily to it.

Fluff from the bobbin case area

The good thing is these are very inexpensive ( I picked up a pack for $1) and can be discarded if they get too dirty.

Now how often do you replace your machine needle?
Maybe I will leave that for another Blog sometime........


  1. I liked you suggestion on the pipe cleaner. I will try. I defluff with each bobbin change.