Friday, June 30, 2017

A little stash busting.

I know that not everyone owns up to having a fabric stash, but I know that most of us do (and in some cases, not just fabric, but ribbons, laces, trims-the list could go on). Well I will own up to having a stash of fabrics, which for at least the last five years or more I have tried not to add to. That resolve has worked and most of the things I have made in that time have been made with fabrics (and other items) from my stash.

Every now and then I find something to make that helps me bust a little more of the stash and that is easy and quick to make. This week it was the idea to make fabric coasters. The 'How To' directions and videos are all over the Internet, but I thought I would take my own Step-by-Step photos and and share with you on the blog, just in case you too want to bust some of your stash!

Cut five x 5 inch coordinating squares- one square will be your back piece. (This is the most tedious part, unless you have pre-cut quilt squares that size).

Five 5 inch squares. The top one will be my back square.

Interface the back square (I used light weight iron-on interfacing).
Back square interfaced

Place the back square right side up on your surface.

Fold one of the 5 x 5 squares in half and place the raw edges to match the raw edges of one side of the back square.

Square 1 folded and placed onto back square
Fold the second 5 x 5 square in half and place it at right angles to the first one, matching the raw edges.
Square 2 folded and in place

Fold the third 5 x 5 square and place that at right angles to the second piece, on the third side to of the back square, matching the raw edges.
Square 3 folded and in place

Fold the last 5 x 5 square and match the raw edges to the last side of the back square. Lift the corner edge of this square up, and also lift the same corner of the first square. Place the corner of the last square down (to touch the back fabric) and then lay the corner of the first square on top. You should be able to see a square of all four pieces on top of the back square.
Square 4 folded and on top
Lifting the corners of  square 1 and 4
Square 4 in place, with square 1 ready to go on top
All four squares in place. You can see a square of each design on top of the back square.

Pin the pieces to hold them and machine each side with a 1/4 inch seam.

Trim the corners and sides.

Turn to the right side using the opening in the centre of the squares. Push the corners out. Press both sides and you have made your first coaster!

They get a little addictive to make, as you can use themed fabrics such as Christmas. I have made some for table favours for a Christmas luncheon and some for goody bags for a sewing retreat. The great thing is that some of my fabric stash has been used to make something handy and useful.

The triangular version is made the same way with 5 x 5 inch squares, but fold the square diagonally in half to make a triangle. Place the raw edges to match the raw edges of the back square and finish the same way as the square version.

How are you busting your fabric stash, if you have one?!!!!


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  1. very cute. I like the combining of the fabrics. And a great idea as gifts for sewing friends.