Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday April 8th 2017 and New York City was awash with Tartan!

Why? Because it was the Tartan Day Parade! In fact it was the 19th Tartan Day Parade held in the City.  April 6th is actually designated Tartan Day, a day to celebrate Scottish heritage and pride and the parade is held annually on the Saturday closest to that date. Events are held all week –Tartan Week.

The parade is held on 6th Avenue between 44th and 55th streets. The road is closed and the various participating groups mass in their appointed spots before heading off down the avenue passed the famous Radio City Music Hall onto the end at 55th, where they are greeted by the organizers and the Grand Marshal of the event, before dispersing again.

So, why would I blog about this event? Because this was the fourth year I have taken part along with other members of another organization I belong to, the Daughters of the British Empire (DBE). Our little band of marchers  from chapters in New York and Connecticut includes husbands and family and, Sherlock, a Basset hound who draws much attention wearing his tartan coat!

And because it leads me into a blog about Tartan and its history!  More about that next time!

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