Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SAGA Bedford Glen Retreat

I know, it has been a couple of weeks since the first SAGA Retreat of 2017 held in Bedford Glen, Massachusetts, ended but as I said in my previous Blog post, I have been a little busy with another important project-the next issue of SAGANews! Anyway, that is all in hand and so I have time to get back to the Blog.

Wes working hard in his class-Fitting for Boys
The Bedford Glen Retreat was wonderful, not least because I got to take classes all weekend, but also because it was a fun, relaxed event. The hotel hosting the event was very nice and the food was great. The rooms and lighting were all excellent and being a smaller event, the attendees got to mix and mingle a lot.

I chose to take classes with the same teacher for the whole weekend and Cindy Foose was the lady who put up with me! Being in the same classroom meant I could leave some of my heavier items there overnight (the classrooms are always locked during breaks and after class).

The classes I took were really well presented with lots of good information, some of it basic (that sometimes gets forgotten) and a lot of it new. Cindy provided very comprehensive notes and there was little need to add to them. As our classes were small in number, we got to do a few extra things, like make samples of techniques for our notebook, which helps imprint a technique in my brain!

The first class I took was on constructing for boys, something that doesn't always get covered in the heirloom sewing world. The techniques learned in the class will help me not only with boys, but also items for girls. ( We got to make samples, and the completed shorts fit Wes, my SAGA bear mascot!).

A pair of shorts in the making for Wes (with teacher Cindy Foose in the background)
The other class I took was to construct a dress from a new pattern Cindy has designed. Again the class handout was very informative and added a lot to the general construction sheet that came with the dress pattern (which, along with everything to make the dress, was included in the kit). Could you make the dress just using the pattern instruction sheet? Yes, you could as it covers everything very concisely. Taking the class added a lot more detailed construction and the chance to make changes to the basics. It also gave us the benefit of the designers hands-on knowledge and to view several garment made using the same pattern.

Wes wearing his new shorts and modeling a collar made from a man's hankie borrowed from Cindy Foose.
Again, the smaller class size gave us time to not only work on samples for our notebook, but also on our actual garment and I came home with an almost completed dress. Many of the other students did complete their dresses. I was just a little tired on Sunday morning to want to work directly on my garment, so I made some samples of techniques instead. (That will teach me to spend Saturday night drinking champagne and eating chocolate with my friends until all hours!).

Wes, worn out from all the fun at the Bedford Glen Retreat
As well as taking the classes, there were the lunches and dinners together with everyone attending and Saturday night, the banquet and raffle baskets! The Hospitality room was open all day and this is where the baskets could be viewed, along with the donations to Wee Care. The Accessory contest entries were also displayed in Hospitality and nearly all attendees took the time to view them and vote. Congratulations to the winners!

And to round the event off, Mother Nature decided to play an April Fool on us and snow! Of course, this is nothing to those of us that live in New England, but for some of the attendees and teachers this was treat!

Snow on April 1
So, with the registration date (May 1 at 10 am Central time) for the next SAGA Retreat in St. Louis fast approaching, if you are on the fence about attending my advise to you is get off the fence and register! You will be glad you did.

Wes with his girlfriends at the banquet


  1. Julie, thank you for sharing your classes with Cindy Foose. I took classes all weekend with Trisha Smith and she is a delight. So glad we got to chat and I am sure that Wes' ladies are missing him. See you in St. Louis. Sally Rifenburg

  2. Sally, Trish was the other person I would have taken all weekend. She has some great designs with a modern look. I think all of the classes were good choices for anyone who attended the event. Wes is relaxing and thinking about St. Louis! We will see you there.

  3. I was in Susie Gay's Christening Gown class all weekend. It was a wonderful class with a wonderful teacher. Spending the entire time in one class meant we all came home with significant progress made on the gown. Kathy Dacey even had her bodice and skirts attached!