Sunday, April 16, 2017

Break Time Over!

Sorry that there hasn't been a SAGANews blog up-date for a while but I have been busy with one thing and another.

The 'one thing' I have been busy with is the next issue of SAGANews (Volume 38 Issue 2) which will be going to layout soon, then printed and  mailed out to members by mid-May (hopefully!).

This is our Wee Care issue and is filled with lots of ideas for Wee Care items. I know that Wee Care is special to most of our SAGA members and hope that this issue will inspire everyone.

The issue will also contain information on the ladies who are candidates for election to the SAGA Board. Thank you to those ladies who will be volunteering their time to work together for the membership and oversee the everyday running of the organization. Please take the time to read their statements and also to complete and return your Proxy (which will be in this issue) if you are not attending the Annual Meeting to be held at the SAGA Retreat in St. Louis. Voting for the Board will be electronic and you will receive an email with detailed instructions. If you do not have an email address or know a member who does not, please contact the SAGA Secretary, Sally Rifenburg ( who will mail a ballot paper.

The 'another' thing I have been busy with was attending the SAGA Retreat in Bedford Glen and actually taking classes! More about that in another blog post.

So, after the short break, the SAGANews blog is back and you can look for regular posts again!

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