Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My St. Louis Adventure Continues....

So, I toured Garlich Printing with John Bacon and saw the mailing area. Garlich are able to not only print SAGANews, but they also address it and take it to the Post Office too!

By now it is nearly lunch time and we were going out to lunch, along with another person I have emailed back and forth with for 12 years, Ken Daues. Ken is the man who asks me to check SAGANews on-line before the final press run. (Sorry, forgot to get a photo!).

But we are also meeting someone else very important in the production of SAGANews- Laura DeVlieger, our graphic artist. Laura takes all the written items, photos and ads and turns them into the layout that you all get to see. She is another person I have emailed for 12 years, but never met!

She actually handed the next issue of SAGANews to John at lunch!

What a great day I had. I was so pleased to get to meet these wonderful people and thank them for the work they do.

So, thank you John, Ken and Laura and it was great to meet you (all) in St. Louis!

(And yes, the next issue of SAGANews is nearly ready to go to the Post Office!)

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