Friday, May 6, 2016

A Special Find

On the same day I took Wanda to visit Harney & Sons in Millerton, New York, we took time before lunch to visit a multi-dealer antique shop, also in Millerton.

Of course, sometimes you leave these places with nothing and other times you find something. This was one of those times. I found something. I don't know what you would call them, as I have never seen anything like them before (and I am always looking at linens and embroidered pieces). So I bought them-someone had to.

They are embroidered labels, with slots for the ribbons, which I presume you would have tied around a bundle of each of the items on the label: Night Gowns; Slips; Chemises.

Look at the ribbon-double sided pale apricot and pale green silk.

Now whether you would use these labels in your linen closet at home or to tie your intimate items for packing and travel I don't know. I do know that they are exquisitely embroidered with fine stitches.

I wonder who they were made for and where she took them?

Makes me think of Downton Abbey and one of the ladies of the family whose maid would have packed the case carefully tying the labels around each bundle of intimate items that had been carefully laundered and pressed for the trip.

Each label embroidered with a different motif , but featuring the same hem stitching and ribbon slot.

  The tiny eyelets and granitos that decorate the sides and edges.

What a find!


  1. Absolutly exquisite!! I love the fine embroidery. I love the idea of having beautifully embroidered Night Gowns that needed bundling by such a pretty label!! And I didn't even know I needed one until now.

  2. Those are exquisite. Like you I wish they could tell us where they have been. So how did you decide who got them?! Always a problem when antique shopping with like-minded friends.

    1. Deciding who gets them is on the first see gets first chance basis. These were on a high shelf and so I spotted them first.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful! What a find, you lucky gal.

    1. I know- can you believe it? They are so unusual. Jane Briscoe did email about something similar she had seen, but these are far superior. A real treasure.