Sunday, October 12, 2014

SAGANews Volume 35 Issue 4

I am getting close to my next deadline-October 15. That deadline is the last date I can receive anything for publication in the next issue of SAGANews. This issue has a winter/holiday look to it-why not it will soon be that time of year!

Yes, my mug says "What's a Deadline"
So, do you have anything you want to submit?
 Has your chapter done something special? That would go in Chapter Chatter.
 Has your chapter hosted a teacher-write about it to encourage others to host a workshop-that too is Chapter Chatter.
 Have you made something special? That would be a Member Showcase item- always nice to see someones pretty creations!
 Have you smocked outside the box using the Stitch Games? Email a photo!

Do you have any ideas or projects to submit for a future issue? It is really easy-just send an email to outlining your design, item or project and before you know it it might be in print!

Don't forget it isn't just smocking- we need heirloom sewing items, Wee Care designs, embroidery projects-just one stipulation they must be original.

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!

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