Sunday, October 26, 2014

Estate Sale Finds!

Lori Popelka, SAGA Region III Representative has some great tips on hunting for vintage linens and related items. Lori shares some of her tips and tricks with us.

To find local estate sales, you can register your zip code with and they will send you information about sales in your area.  The photos are generally very good and give you an idea of the sale being worth your time. 
I like the church based thrift stores for linens also.  They are generally run by volunteers and are neat, organized and friendly. 
When I shop on ebay I like to find things with weird descriptions, so I always search through the “related” field under the search box.  I have found many neat things this way.  I find January and February are good months for finding nice things that fewer people are bidding on  because they are still paying for Christmas. 
I spend time in the higher end antique shows and flea markets so I know what to look for when I am in thrift stores, estate sales and even garage sales, when I have the time.  This way, you know when you have found a bargain or not!

                                                            Some of Lori's recent finds.

Thanks, Lori and I am glad we live in different places as I know we'd be competing for the bargains!

Do you have any tips, tricks or great finds to share with us? Email me at and you might be featured on the blog!

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