Thursday, October 1, 2009

The fun continues……

Yesterday saw the official start of the 30th Annual SAGA Convention and by afternoon everyone was settled into their classes and working hard learning or perfecting techniques both hand and machine. It was so good to see some familiar faces and lots of new ones too.

The lunchtime speaker this year was Regina Walter who talked about the history of christening gowns and showed us examples on a slide show and also had several present for us to view before and after lunch. It was interesting to hear the origins of these gowns that become family heirlooms.

Yesterday's important meetings after class were the region meetings and Artisan meeting. The Region meetings give members a chance to meet their region representative in person and also fellow region members. Various items are discussed but the important thing is choosing someone to be on the Nominating Committee that will choose the nominees for the 2010-2011 SAGA board. The Artisan meeting was well attended by those already in the program and some interested in joining it. Kim Gimblette, artisan chair gave out the pins for those members who had achieved their artisan level this year. She also answered questions regarding the program. It is also great to see the ladies that have achieved a level in one of the areas as they put so much effort into working on their projects. They will receive their certificates at banquet on Saturday.

This morning everyone is in a routine of getting to class; going to lunch and then getting back to class. Tonight we have the Design Show and Show and Share to enjoy. Maggie Bunch, Design Show chair spent yesterday with the three judges as they worked their way through the submitted items. Who will have the Best in Show this year? And who will win people's Choice?

Hospitality has been busier each time I have visited it and raffle tickets are selling fast for the baskets. There are lots of interesting ones and the Wee Care basket is getting full of those special blue tickets already. The Wee Care donations are mounting too and there are so many cute items. The local hospitals will be receiving lots of special things made by SAGA members. A representative from the St. Vincent Hospital was at luncheon today to receive a token donation from Robin Hart, Wee Care chair.

There are quite a few entries in the Purls, Perles, Pearls contest and the attendees are voting for their favourite. The winner will be announced at Banquet on Saturday.

Now I have to head back to take more photos, post this Blog, see how the classes have progressed since this morning and get ready for the evenings events.

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