Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The SAGA(News) Continues……..

The next issue of SAGANews (Volume 30 #4) is with the graphic artist, which means it is being set up ready to go to the printer. So, it should be in the mail by the middle of November. This issue, the last of the year, will contain items from the National Convention in Indianapolis that those of you who weren't there will not have seen. Maybe even some of you who were there missed some of the events too. If you were in the Design Show or an Artisan Achiever present at convention your photo is in this issue. Photos of the Pearls, Perles, Purls contest and even the new SAGA board are included too. We have a design from young Canadian designer Claire Meldrum and the Textile Conservation articles conclude this issue.

Now that the next issue of SAGANews is almost complete, I plan to get the Convention Photo CD ready for sale. These CDs have been popular with convention attendees since their introduction two years ago. They contain lots of photos from posed to very candid. If you were at this year's convention then I am sure your photo is somewhere amongst the thousands I seem to be editing! This year the CD will include the competition entries. I know many chapters have purchased the bonnet CD's and used them for chapter programmes. Maybe a convention programme would be fun too? Visit the SAGA website every now and then to check when they become available.

Besides working on the Convention Photo CD I am also starting the next issue of SAGANews (Volume 31 #1). I know many of you especially look out for this issue as it contains the Convention brochure in the centre. Terry Campbell is already working on that so we are both ready when the deadline comes around!(Maybe you want to take the class shown in the photo taken at this years Convention?) I am also excited as I have a special interview for this issue. I will not say who it is with, but I will tease you with the fact I now have official press clearance with a national TV channel!

So although the SAGANews year is coming to an end with the last issue of the year, behind the scenes the work continues to bring you the next exciting issue ………….

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