Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Needlecraft Magazine

I was going through a few books and magazines in my collection recently and came across this magazine that I had forgotten I owned.

                                          It is from June 1928 and cost 10 cents to purchase.

The magazine has recipes, sewing projects and lots of ads on how to make money from home (such as making cadies, selling subscriptions to the magazine). The lessons were very descriptive and I am sure many ladies learned new techniques this way.

The ads for sewing items make interesting reading.

They also sold finished pieces for you to buy and work on the sewing projects featured in the magazine. I wonder how many of these linens were made and are now in a drawer somewhere or are in an antique or thrift shop waiting to be found?

Some of the regular ads were for things like freckle removing cream and other beauty aids but the ad on the back page is one that we might still find today in a more modern format.

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