Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

                                                      January 1, 2017- a New Year.

Do you make resolutions? I actually make a 'To Do List' rather than a resolutions-they can be broken, a To Do List can be extended and is never a broken promise!

One thing on my 'To Do List' is, as it has been for several years, to not add to my stash of fabric and lace. I have been trying to make everything I want to make from what I have to hand. Okay, sometimes I do need to buy a spool of thread or skein of loss or a button, but there is no buying of more fabric. Okay, one exception to that is if I need fabric to make something I have been asked specially to make and I don't have something that will do the job in my stash.

Another thing on the list is to finish what I have started and that one has been working very well. I do not have many UFO's (Un-Finished Objects) and when I am looking for a project to work on I try and pick up a UFO instead of starting something new. Sometimes though, you just have to start a new project, especially as I have two special little girls to sew for and they are constantly growing!

One 'To Do' item is attend the SAGA Boston Retreat. I have registered for classes and booked my hotel so all I have 'To Do'  is get my class supplies together and attend!
On my list every year is the item Artisan and I do try to work on getting my next submission ready, but time does get away from me on that one! I can always find other things that I need to do. So for 2017 my goal for my Artisan submissions is to work on them as if they are a UFO (which they are really!) and have everything ready for submission in 2018-wish me luck with that one!

My biggest 'To Do' item is getting SAGANews printed every quarter and to have it continue to be a great membership magazine. That does take some help as I always need ideas, articles and designs from our members. So could you add writing something for SAGANews to your list of goals for 2017? 

So, what are your sewing related goals for 2017? email me at and let me know!


  1. I so agree with you on pretty much all of your items. But I do need to register for Boston.

  2. Yes, Cynthia you 'do' need to register for the Boston Retreat! I am excited to be taking classes that weekend!