Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Did you renew your SAGA membership?

Did you remember to renew your SAGA membership for 2017?

You will be sad if you miss the next issue of SAGANews 
(and everything else that SAGA has to offer)!

Renew today via the SAGA website www.smocking.org 

New members also welcome!


  1. I haven't received my latest issue! 😞 Is there someone that I need to call if I have not received it in about a week or so. Thanks!

    1. Tammie, Sorry you did not receive the last issue of SAGANews. That would be the fault of the Post Office. As it states in most issues of SAGANews you can request another issue by contacting the SAGA Registrar. So please contact her and if she has a spare copy she will send it to you. You can also find the issue on the SAGA website in the Members Only area.