Thursday, November 10, 2016

Any Od Iron?

The title of the Blog post is a line from a music hall song (written by Charles Collins, Fred E. Terry and E.A. Sheppard). It is also the cry from the rag and bone man that used to travel the streets with his horse and cart collecting items no one wanted and giving them a cheap cup and saucer in return.

History lesson over, the reason for the blog title is once again one of my chapter members came to a meeting with collection of old irons she had found at various local auctions.

The first one she shared is a fluter, used to make the ruffles on maids caps; blouse collars etc.

The second is one really heavy iron that was heated on top of the stove and used.

The third one looks like a more modern iron in shape, but the lever at the back lifts up to reveal an opening that contains a piece of metal. The metal piece would have been heated in the coals and placed into the body of the iron.

So do you have any old iron?

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  1. I am in deep envy of the owner of the fluting iron!!