Saturday, November 5, 2016

Another Gift Idea

As you have seen from previous blog posts, I hate to throw anything out if I think I can re-use it in some way. After making coat hanger covers from my damaged linens , of course, I had smaller pieces of damaged linens left over! So what to do with some of those pieces? Well, again, gifts are always needed for friends and this project used not only the linen scarps, but some mason jars I had stashed away too.

I made pincushion lids to the jars with the linens and put emergency power supplies in the jars!

The pincushion lids were circles cut from the linens to fit the metal lids with 1/2 inch extra to allow for the gathering edge. I used button thread and ran gathering stitches around the outer edge of the circle.  Placed some stiffing into the centre of the circle, then the metal lid and pulled up the thread and tied them off. Result, padded lid top.

The jars could have been filled with anything (buttons, threads, pins, sewing items) but I decided that an energy source was a better idea and used candy.

Are you getting inspired to re-use, re-make, re-cycle? Let me know what you are making!

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  1. I've made exactly one of these years ago, but they are adorable and do make great little gifts.