Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fabulous Featherweight

I have been the very lucky recipient of a Singer Portable Electric Sewing Machine, more commonly know as a Featherweight.

My Featherweight before the 'Spa' visit

My machine was purchased on October 28 1950 from the Singer shop in Pratt Street, Hartford, Connecticut for Mrs. Willard C. Jones. I know this as it came with the original coupon booklet that contains coupons for classes on either dressmaking or home decorating at the shop. (All of the coupons are still in the book-do you think I could still use them?!).

Original Coupon Booklet

I found this photo of the very shop in Hartford, which is now on the National Register of Historic Buildings (not because it was a Singer shop, but because it is known as the Dillon Building and the front facade and certain parts of the interior are of note).

71 Pratt Street, Hartford, CT January 12 1982
Mrs. W.C. Jones was the mother of the friend who gave me the machine and it came, not only with the booklet, but attachments, the original oil can and tube of motor lubricant and it's original carrying box.

My friend had also purchased a buttonhole attachment for the machine which she gave me. Definitely from the late 1950's early 60's!

I took the machine to a man who specializes in servicing them and it now has new rubber feet; a new electrical cord (nearly 70 year old cords are a little unsafe!) and a LED light (will last longer and stay cooler in the light bulb housing) and is all ready to go!

More about Singer Featherweights in another post!


  1. What a find! Now that it's back from the spa what will you make with it?

  2. Excellent! You will love it! I have three myself so I alternate them. Please do oil after every 8 hours of sewing. I learned that from other owners. Have a blast!