Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bags of Scraps

Do you keep the small pieces of lace or binding that get left over from working on a project? I do.

Some of the lace pieces are too pretty to just throw away.

A bag of scrap bindings and trims
I have two bags that I keep these pieces in and when I make a Wee Care item and/or need a small piece for a trim or to embellish something then I go to my scrap bags. I nearly always find something I can use!
A jumble of lace scraps!

I have been using my scraps on my latest project-making more 'paper doll dress' quilt squares.  and I have had fun finding the pieces for the quilt squares.
All the lace used on this paper doll dress came from the scrap bag

My scrap bags are a useful item in my overall stash of laces and fabrics!

It only needs a small piece of lace to trim the slip
And, yes, I have a bag of small pieces of fabrics too. Not really tiny pieces, but pieces big enough to make a Wee Care bonnet or use for applique  or to make bias binding or make a dress for my 'paper doll dress' quilt!


  1. You bet I keep all scraps! That lovely lace is too precious to throw away.

  2. Yes, I know. It is hard to throw anything away sometimes!