Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year (in a New Apartment)!

Happy New Year!

We recently moved apartments (yes in December before Christmas, but it has been the mildest December on record here in Connecticut!) and now we are finally settled in! We chose to move the small items ourselves and the moving company did the heavy job (furniture, boxes of books, anything that looked awkward).  One heavy item is my sewing machine table. It doesn't come apart and is very heavy! It has a small drawer on the left side. And was the one thing I forgot to remove and take to the house myself, of course, and it became a casualty of the move (the only casualty I hasten to add), as the men didn't realise it was still full of things and it fell open! They did put everything back into the drawer, but not quite how it was meant to go!

So one morning before going back to the old apartment to load up with more sewing room items (how much can someone actually have in their sewing room?!!) I sat and put the drawer back how it was meant to be.

Now it is all neat again and I can see just how many tape measures I have (thank you Kerri Mecca for a lot of them are table favours from SAGA Conventions) and how many needle threaders (thank you Claudia Newton as there is always one in every class kit) and how many finger shields (thank you Lillie McAnge as again there was one in all the class kits) and how many containers of pins (and each one is for something different-lace pins; applique pins, glass headed pins, silk pins) and how many bees waxes (thank you Jeannie Baumeister for putting those in your kits) but at least I can find these items again!

I could show you photos of the new sewing  room (AKA the guest room) as it went from being neat with the bed, night table, chest of drawers and sewing machine table to a room full of boxes of ribbon, lace, knitting needles, buttons, vintage baby clothes waiting to find new homes, but I think you can all picture that yourselves!

It is back to being neat again now-thank goodness and I can't wait to get in there and start sewing again!

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  1. My sewing drawer always looks like the men left it! I think I just don't have the visual organizational gene, but I appreciate the inspiration!