Wednesday, July 1, 2015

NY Fabric District

The Fabric District of New York covers several blocks between 27th Street and 39th Street and 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue (there are some places beyond these parameters). Many stores are wholesale only, but they are clearly marked. The shop fronts clearly show the type of fabric and notions they sell. Not all stores have fronts on the street, many are located inside of the buildings, involve elevator rides and walks along blank corridors! It all adds to the mystery of the place!

                                                                      Paron Fabrics

On the recent SAGA Meet-Up in NYC, I visited Paron Fabrics on 39th Street and took advantage of a Groupon coupon! I also walked around M & J Trimmings on 6th Avenue. I passed Spechler-Vogel- a name we all know as they supply many of the fine batistes to our business members.

If you have the chance to visit the area it is a fun place to wander around, but if you plan on buying my suggestion is to have some idea what it is you want to buy because there is just so much choice and it is easy to get distracted and confused!

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  1. What fun you all had. And what a great idea to meet up there. When you are in the area next time….eat at Ben's Deli. It was recommended to me by one of the fabric shops and I never miss a chance to eat there if I am in NYC.